How to Select a Perfect Venue You’ll Absolutely Love

perfect venue

It’s official, you are getting married! Now it is time to start planning, but where should you even start? You simply cannot have a perfect wedding without the absolute perfect venue to host the event. This is why it is so important to select a wedding venue that has all the crucial factors you are looking for. 

If you dream of an at-home wedding or a lovely destination wedding, selecting a location and the perfect venue needs to be at the top of your list and happen early in the planning process. This article will help you answer all the questions you might have about selecting the ideal wedding venue.

What is a wedding venue?

First, let’s talk about the basics. The wedding venue is the place where your beautiful wedding gets to take place. Venues can either host both the ceremony and reception, or some couples opt for two wedding venues to split the ceremony and reception into two locations. Wedding venues are not a perfect, easy fit for everyone.

This is why it is really important to understand what kind of space you need for the special day and what to look for in wedding venues. Wedding venues can make or break the whole feel of a wedding which is why they are so important. They truly set up your big day for success and bring your vision to life.

How to find your perfect venue

First, talk to your wedding planner. If you are able to have a wedding planner, they will act as an invaluable resource during the planning process as you sort through the many wedding venue ideas. Since they are the professionals in creating incredible weddings and bringing your vision to life, they will be able to understand the non-negotiables that you should look out for. They will also be able to help you visualize your wedding style in the potential perfect venue. 

There is also a slight difference between a wedding planner vs. a wedding coordinator. Planners know exactly how to look at the different risks and can help present considerations like the cost for tents or permitting for the different spaces. You will also need to consider your guest experience in terms of the distance and ease of transportation to the venue and between venues if you decide to have more than one. Even small considerations like the angle of the sun in guests’ eyes if the wedding is outside should be noted, something a wedding planner is a pro at doing.

If you are thinking about how to pick a wedding planner, select someone who truly understands your vision and can make it come to life.

Budgeting and location

Next, you will want to finalize a budget and the general location before other things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. If you are stressed about how to find a venue for an event, these two factors will help guide you in narrowing down potential spaces. Having an idea of what you can afford and where to concentrate your search will make the process of selecting your perfect venue as seamless as possible.

With the budget and general location, you’ll want to know the rough timing of when you want your wedding to take place, as venue availability will vary per the dates you select. Some venues can be closed during certain parts of the year, which is helpful to know in advance. Knowing the time of year you want to get married will help make working to find the perfect venue a little easier.

Selecting a venue that is right for you

To select a venue that perfectly aligns with your plans and your vision, you will want to have an understanding of your aesthetic and wedding style prior to beginning your search. For example, if you are hoping for a super high glam style wedding with acrylics and flashy chandeliers, a rustic farm should not be on your list because you won’t be able to achieve that kind of vibe. 

On the other hand, an extravagant hotel or contemporary location won’t be able to achieve an outdoorsy feel. It goes both ways, so make sure you have a clear idea of the kind of wedding you are trying to achieve.

Different types of venues

To select the perfect venue, you will want to have an understanding of the different types of wedding venues and what is included in each one. Some wedding venues can be all inclusive and can offer hosting the ceremony and reception, providing catering, rentals, etc., whereas other venues might just be more of the location, and everything else is provided separately by you. 

You should have a really clear understanding of what you want out of your venue, which will help narrow down your choices. The cost can play a big role in this, so make sure you are asking the right questions about what is specifically included at each venue, so no surprises occur down the line.

Have a feel for your guest list

You will not be able to properly select the perfect venue without having a clear understanding of your guest count. Many venues won’t be able to accommodate a bigger party, so coming in with the right numbers will also guide you in selecting the right space for you. 

Think about booking a smaller venue that is more intimate and then discovering that you will have a guest count of around 300 people. It just won’t work. So to save yourself some time in running into these issues, you will want to have a rough number settled prior to making the final decision.

Don’t forget to think about your guests

Your guests are important, so do not overlook them. Think about what your guests’ experience will be like from the time they arrive to the time they depart. Your wedding planner will help you think about all the little details like temperature concerns, stairs, ample walking room, easy-to-find bathrooms, and other things that make being a guest an enjoyable and comfortable experience at a wedding. 

It is really easy to overlook the guest experience during the busy and hectic time of planning a wedding, but selecting the perfect venue with your guests in mind will cause you a lot less stress down the road when guests are not bombarding you with simple questions, and there are no catastrophes.

The touring process

We highly recommend touring potential venues and not just going by the pictures. You will not be able to get a feel for the wedding venue without actually being in it. It is also so much easier to visualize how your wedding will look when you are standing in the venue. If you book a wedding venue without taking a look at it first in person, you might find yourself running into a couple of surprises later on.

Some venues are also hesitant to disclose certain information upfront, so by touring locations, you will be able to ask the questions that visually present themselves. Your wedding planner can help guide you in asking the questions that are often forgotten but starting with what is exactly included in the price is a good bet.

To avoid any confusion, find a venue that is accommodating and helpful in answering all your questions and bringing you the comfort that you deserve, knowing that you have found the perfect venue for your special day. 

The perfect venue

These tips should be very helpful in getting you started in the wedding venue process. Once the wedding venue is nailed down, you will be well on your way to creating the beautiful wedding you deserve. We know the beginning is tough, but by asking the right questions and understanding your vision, you will find the perfect venue for you!

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