Winter Wonderland Weddings – Ideas and unique wedding venues in Minneapolis

wedding venues in Minneapolis

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” Here in Minnesota, we host the loveliest, most magical, and longest winters. If you’re like us and think there’s no sight more beautiful and romantic than freshly fallen snow and a clear winter sky, then consider planning a winter wedding! Winter weddings can be even more magical thanks to the natural glimmer of snow, the need for cozy textiles, and the craving for warm comfort food. There are incredible advantages to having a winter wedding as well. You eliminate stress from worrying about weather and commit to having your festivities inside. There are cheaper travel and accommodation rates for your guests, and you’ll have less competition in booking dates, venues, and photographers. If you’re dreaming of a white wedding, then look to the great city of  Minneapolis itself as inspiration and plan a winter wonderland!

Finding a place: Unique wedding venues in Minneapolis


Fairytale winter weddings are a great opportunity to find a memorable and majestic venue. We find smooth transitions and ease of engagement for the wedding party and guests to be a huge factor in choosing a wedding venue. At the Lumber Exchange, we have a few options that really suit a bride and groom organizing a once-in-a-lifetime event like this. Within our building, we can transition and accommodate your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception with grace and speed. Winter weddings pair well with a black tie formal event. Tuxedos weren’t meant for outdoor ceremonies or cocktail hours in the heat of the summer, however, they are the perfect choice for indoor elegance, as are gowns covered in sequins.

Our Fountain Room is the perfect space for a classy, glamorous, grand affair that will be remembered for the rest of your lives. With its gorgeous high ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and capacity for dramatic draping and lighting across the open-air atrium, your guests will live their glamorous fantasy while celebrating your eternal love.  For a more intimate, picturesque event, consider our spaces: Dylan’s or Sawyer’s on 5th. Both spaces provide warm, classic, and intentional details that will relax and delight the wedding party and guests. Personalization and perfection are at the heart of winter weddings organized at the Lumber Exchange Event Center. (You also have the option to rent the groom and bridal suite!) You won’t have to worry about it snowing in April or September and ruining your outdoor plans! Count on the snow, call it your aesthetic and book your date here.   


Seasonal details serve inspiration and fabulousness  


From the color palette to decor and flowers, there are elements of the season of winter that will inspire your fairytale winter wedding theme and stand out in a sea of peonies. From using a snowy landscape photo of you and your beloved as the wedding invitation to leaning into a red and green color scheme, the options are endless. If your style is romantic, try shades of winter white and lots of greenery. If you’re a rustic-cozy type (think: elevated hunting shack), use deep hues of jewel colors and lots of wood. Embrace the season by throwing blankets over guest chairs or making centerpieces of evergreen, ornaments, and white candles. Embrace the great outdoors of Minneapolis and recreate it inside: Make a snowy landscape around the head table that includes pinecones, twinkle lights, and shimmery snowflake decorations.

Dressing to impress the little girl inside who dreamed of this day


Being a winter bride opens up your fantasy wedding to include beads, crystals, satin, velvet. Also, fur, full sleeves, and all of your dreams come true. Just to be clear, you shouldn’t use everything on that list on the same dress, but here are some ideas. Go for the statement piece with a caped gown or a fully sequined dress. Or you can embrace the luxury of texture and the season with beautiful brocade or tactile velvet. We love a full sleeve of lace or sheer netting. There are really so many options that become available to the winter bride when organizing a winter wedding. As for the groom’s attire, baby, it’s cold outside. So use this opportunity to find beautiful fabrics for his three-piece suit to add elegance and presence to your handsome man.


Winter refreshments & aperitifs

There are more ways to winterize your wedding than through décor. On the food front, opt for the classics. One couple kept guests happy and warm with a hot cocoa station or a S’more set up, complete with white and dark chocolate options, and a toppings bar. And when it comes to dessert, a macaron tower, drizzled with chocolate, is the way to go. Cocktails can stay on the theme too! How does an eggnog cocktail, a ginger & bitters cocktail, or a Starlight Royale sound? They just might inspire you to plan your nuptials during the last quarter of the year. 



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