Adorable Spring Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

spring wedding favors

Everyone has different hopes and dreams for their wedding, but one thing that just about everybody wants is for their guests to walk away with great memories. One of the best ways to solidify the memories of your spring big day is to give out sping wedding favors.

These little treats and keepsakes give a final, tangible memory to your guests—often as they’re heading home following your reception. A great way to tie your favors to your wedding is by incorporating the season of your nuptials into the theme of your favors.

With winter swiftly fading into the rearview mirror, now is the time to start considering ideas for spring wedding favors. What are the flavors, colors, textures, and scents of the season? How can you give those to your guests?

Giving Wedding Favors is Your Choice

Before we dive into suggestions for great spring favors, it’s important that we clarify that you don’t have to give out wedding favors if you don’t want to. Some couples only give wedding favors to the members of their bridal party, and some don’t give any wedding favors at all.

The idea of the wedding favor is that you want to give a token of thanks to people for coming to celebrate your love and commemorate the occasion. But as with any choice attached to a wedding, you don’t have to do this one if you don’t want to.

It all depends on your priorities as a couple. If other costs are cutting deeper into your budget than you expected them to, trimming costs in lower priority areas is not only acceptable, it’s smart. If wedding favors are not high on your priority list, that’s ok.

If, however, you do want to make your April wedding stand out with spring wedding favors, that’s great! But you shouldn’t feel pressured to give something to everyone who comes to celebrate you. Putting a wedding together is stressful enough. Cut yourself some slack.

So if you’re on the fence about it or you have already decided that you want to give out some sort of wedding favor, here are some ideas that may help.

The Pinnacle of Pastels

Bright, vibrant colors will always be associated with spring. It’s a season of rebirth and recovery from the long winter. As gray skies make way for budding flowers and nests full of robin’s eggs, a bright color palette is a must.

So how does this affect your choice of spring wedding favors? It will mostly only affect color choice. You could give a gift that is fairly season-agnostic, but has a spring color scheme to commemorate the time of your wedding.

For example, let’s say a couple is getting married that met playing a popular, fantasy-themed table-top role playing game. Giving sets of polyhedral dice as wedding favors would be great for them at any time of year, but giving away dice in pastel colors can make for a great gift at a spring wedding party.

Similarly, if the couple has a nickname for each other that they want to incorporate into the theme of their wedding, adding some spring elements to favors related to that nickname can be great. Say the couple calls each other “duck.” Giving away rubber ducks with bright flowers in spring pastels all over them could be adorable.

Spring Time is Snack Time

It is often said that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. You’ve hopefully given your guests a great meal at your reception, but sending them off with a special treat is never a bad call.

Keeping these special snacks light is a good idea. Winter is more associated with heavy foods. Spring is light, airy, and sweet. Autumn is a time for gooey, sticky caramel apples. Spring is more of a jelly bean season.

So when looking at spring wedding favors, light, crispy cookies can be a great gift. Get them from a local bakery with pastel icing to make them extra spring-y. You can even get the bakery to put your names and the wedding date on them if you like.

Speaking of baked goods as wedding food favors, it’s hard to beat a macaron in the spring. They are colorful, they pack a flavorful punch, and you can package them in a variety of ways. Present them in tiny nests at your guests’ tables or give them away in boxes that you set on a wedding favor stand by the exit of your reception venue. 

If you have an adventurous palette or you want to present your guests with flavors they may not have experienced before, giving away candies with floral flavoring can be amazing. Rose, lavender, hibiscus, and other floral tastes mixed with more traditional fruit flavors can make for an unforgettable candy experience.

Spring is also a great time for fresh honey and bee pollen. You can get a bunch of tiny jars of honey with your names and wedding date on them to give away. People will think it’s a really sweet gift.

wedding favor stand

It’s Alive!

Spring is a season of new growth. What better way to commemorate that than by giving away plants to your guests that can grow along with your love? As with the other categories of spring wedding favors we’ve looked at, there are a few different ways to make this work.

You can give away floral wedding favors in the form of literal flowers. You don’t necessarily have to give your guests something to plant in a garden or grow in their homes. You can give them flowers that they can do with as they see fit. Whether putting them in water for a short time or pressing them into a scrapbook.

What can be more fun, though, is giving flower bulbs wedding favors. This allows your guests to plant their memories of your big day wherever they like around their home and think of you every time they water it.

And the nice thing about many flowers that grow from bulbs like tulips is that they come back year after year, so if your guest is from a colder area, they can still see your gift to them pop up every spring.

But flowers aren’t the only plants you can give as spring wedding favors. Giving tiny succulents is also a very popular gift these days. And there are many ways to present them to your guests.

You can give away little house plants in tiny pots with your wedding date on them. You could present the plants in soil contained in little custom printed burlap sacks. You can give them away in custom pint glasses (feel free to joke about how you recommend people wash the glasses before drinking out of them).

Some people choose to give packets of seeds out that people can use at their discretion. The point is that giving away plants can be more personalized and unique than simply saying, “roses, wedding favors, done.”

Make the Presentation Pop

No matter what spring wedding favors you choose to have at your wedding, having an on-theme way to present them to your guests can make a difference. If you just put them in a pile by the door, people may not think they’re special.

Taking time to set up a wedding favor stand can make your wedding favors stand out in your guests’ minds. For example, if you are having a rustic-themed wedding, maybe give away custom printed seed packets from a bed of rich soil in a decorative wheelbarrow.

If you have your wedding favors in stackable containers, you can make some pyramids with them. Just be sure you have someone who checks on the wedding favors to freshen up the display during your reception.

A Spring Wedding Favor to Your Guests

No matter what you choose to do about your wedding favors, remember what they are for. They exist to thank your guests for coming to celebrate with you and give them one last memory to cherish of your wedding.

The season likely influenced your wedding’s theme and decorations, so having spring wedding favors is a great way to hammer home that theme for your guests. And then, every time spring rolls around, they’ll think about you and smile.

And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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