The Best Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

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These days, weddings can seem very generic, from the ceremony to the décor. In fact, it is extremely easy for couples to default to what they have seen in shows, magazines, movies, or other couple’s weddings. 

For many, selecting a color palette is considered personalization for your big day, but what if you could customize your event to make it truly unique to you? Whether that be the wedding accessories, the venue, or if you are already putting in the work to ensure every detail goes well, why not personalize it to your love story or aesthetic?

By incorporating your story or background into your big day, your wedding will be about celebrating your love and reflecting on who you are as a couple rather than just a party. It will be more of a journey throughout your love story, sharing your special moment with the people you love most, and no one will be able to replicate it!

Here are a few excellent ways to incorporate personal touches into your wedding.

Invitations and Stationery

While stationery is often viewed as something to just cross off your list and get out there, it is also an opportunity to represent your love story from the very beginning when your guests are introduced to your big day. Let your invitations show off your unique personality and aesthetic. 

You don’t have to pick basic stationery or go with the options already made online. Opt for customized wedding invitations that represent what you like to do as a couple or what your wedding day will celebrate. For example, if you are a couple that loves to travel, go for a passport theme. If you like to draw (and are hosting a smaller wedding), personalize your own wedding invitations by having fun with your partner drawing each invitation. No one said it had to be perfect.

If you are looking for a more simple customization option for wedding invitations, choose a monogram or motif that will be followed into the wedding. Another way to personalize your wedding invitations is selecting who designs them. 

By shopping from minority-owned businesses, you can choose invitations designed by creators who match your values. As long as the invitation includes the date, time, and location, communicating is really all up to you, so have fun with it.

Meaningful Venue

The setting for your wedding dictates the rest of the event. By thoughtfully and intentionally selecting a meaningful venue, you are already a step ahead of personalizing your day and making it special to you. Think about what is meaningful to you as a couple – do you like cities or rural areas? Beaches or mountains? Do you have a specific city where you met or a hotel where you shared your first kiss? The actual venue can be transformed to match your venue, but if the actual location holds meaning, your big day will truly be special.

Welcome Bags/Boxes

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the actual wedding with huge gestures that end up being pretty expensive. You can personalize your wedding with simpler and smaller details like welcome bags for your wedding party or guests. 

This goes hand in hand with wedding favors. Instead of a generic wedding favor that won’t be used, choose a thoughtfully curated bag or box of your favorite snacks from local vendors that you love. This will not only make your guests happy and satisfied but will also speak to you as a couple by showing off your favorites and interests.


Décor is one of the biggest ways to personalize your wedding day. The color palette is huge for creating an aesthetic that matches you as a couple. Instead of defaulting to neutral colors (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), consider having fun with bolder and brighter colors. Selecting colors that make you grin from ear to ear and truly make you happy are the colors that should be featured on the day that you tie the knot and celebrate your love.

When thinking about décor, don’t let yourself be close-minded. What about the aisle runner or the candles? You can customize everything to match your theme, and many local vendors are great choices to work with. Even creating meaningful escort cards for your guests by incorporating personal photos or having an illustrator develop a custom portrait of your guests will be more creative than a calligrapher simply writing the names down on the cards. 


Nothing about your wedding should be formulaic. Flowers do not have to be limited to a few on the sides of the aisle and a couple as the centerpieces. If you are not a big fan of flowers, think of alternatives like greenery or more rustic plants. 

The season also plays a significant role in dictating what flowers you should choose to get the biggest bloom and the most unique, so make sure you spend some time talking to your planner or doing research to find the perfect flowers for you. 

Flowers are a great way to incorporate specific colors, as well. In fact, these days you can make most flowers any color you want. If you love glitter, you can find a florist that adds sparkles to their flowers.


You don’t have to stick to the traditional wedding menu like fish or chicken. Go crazy with your food choices. If you and your partner LOVE a particular food, incorporate it into your wedding! Food trucks are great options for more out-of-the-box food choices. If you have different cultural backgrounds, incorporating foods from both cultures is a unique way to tie two families together and create a fusion-style menu.

And what about the bar? Signature cocktails make everyone’s day. Naming cocktails after your pets, favorite cities, or hometowns will once again reinstate your love story throughout the day.

Personal Touches

After you decide on the bigger décor sections, think about the smaller, more personal details. They can be as small as personalizing wedding napkins with a monogram or fun saying that relates to you as a couple or wedding hair accessories that are personal to only you! Brides can personalize their wedding look with unique wedding dress accessories like an old pin or wearing jewelry that was given to them by their partner on a memorable occasion.

A wedding guest book is also a great way to memorialize the night. You can get creative with it by having the guest “book” be a video booth for guests to record a small snippet or a popular trend is to record an audio message for the new couple to then have on a vinyl – so creative! 

Think about the small things that mean a lot to you as a couple, like a specific song, a certain type of food, a particular flower or scent, or a special dance, and incorporate it throughout the wedding day.

Your wedding day is exactly that, yours. Take the time to make it special for you, and don’t worry about following a traditional formula. If you really want to incorporate something into your wedding day, add it. Wedding accessories are the little things that will stand out to your guests and you years later, so make the most out of those small touches. 


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