Neon Wedding Signs to Light Up Your Wedding

neon wedding sign

There are so many incredible and fun wedding trends that are emerging this year for the upcoming season. One of the biggest trends is the new innovation to wedding signage. 

While wedding signs have been around for a long time now, they just got a serious upgrade. The latest wedding sign trend is neon wedding signs, and if you want a wedding that really stands out, you should incorporate them into your wedding. 

Wedding signs have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, and they make your wedding that much more bold, bright, and completely one-of-a-kind. 

Neon wedding signs will electrify your typical wedding decor by giving your wedding more light and personality. Whether you display a wedding day hashtag or your new name, your guests are sure to notice this fun new trend throughout your beautiful wedding. 

Have fun with neon signs and let your creativity run free because there is no stopping where you can go with this fun decor. 

Here are some of the best ideas to light up your wedding with neon lights.

Some helpful tips

  1. Express yourself with a cutting-edge display of your personality. Perhaps a collection of how you met as a couple or where you are from. Sharing a sentiment that is unique to you and your relationship will create a fabulous sign that will enhance your love on your wedding day. 
  2. Keep it minimalistic. When adding neon wedding signs, you don’t need a lot of other wedding decor that goes over the top because of the brightness and beauty of the signs. This way, you can save money on other decorations that might have been needed without the extra light of the neon signs, and you can also invest in neon pieces that can later be displayed in your home. 
  3. Light up the way for your guests. Instead of traditional lighting like candles that guide your guests to their seats, have a neon sign that welcomes guests or points them to the cocktail bar. 
  4. Use a wedding hashtag. Wedding hashtags have been on the rise in the past couple of years. If you want your guests to hashtag on their social media posts and celebrate you online, there is no better way than creating a wedding hashtag and putting it up in neon lights. We recommend making the hashtag creative and fun. Who doesn’t love a good hashtag on your special day?
  5. Don’t forget your thank you’s! A neon wedding sign that gives thanks to your guests is a cute and easy way to say goodbye and show your appreciation to friends and family as they head out.
  6. You can rent one too! Custom neon signs can get expensive, so don’t be afraid to check out wedding neon sign rentals for a more affordable way of achieving the same desired look. 

Some unique ways to incorporate neon wedding signs into your wedding day

Cocktail bar

One of the most popular parts of the wedding, the cocktail bar and cocktail hour are never missed. Accentuate this spot with a cute neon sign that says “cheers” or even a bottle of champagne. 

Photobooth central

A standard photo booth is such old news. By using a neon sign as your backdrop for your photo station, you will have a vibrant and beautiful backdrop that is unlike any other. Brighten those pictures up and make them even more fun than they already are!

Floral with a twist

Floral backgrounds are pretty typical in weddings, and many use them as their backdrops for pictures, whether it’s intended for or not. Why not spice it up with a floral wall that incorporates a neon wedding sign? This would be a great place to put your wedding hashtag or your new last name, and it’s sure to be used in the background of many of your guests’ photos. 

Welcoming signage

Welcoming signage doesn’t necessarily have to say the word “welcome.” It can say whatever you want it to, but a cute way of welcoming your guests or showcasing the entrance to the wedding venue is a neon sign that features your initials as a couple. It’s short, simple, and sweet. 

Talk about your vows

It is a wedding, after all. Giving a little nod to your wedding vows at your reception with a neon sign like “til death” or “I do” will make it full of love without going over the top—what a unique way to show your everlasting love for each other throughout the night. 

Decorate dessert

Using a neon sign to draw attention to the dessert station, especially if it is to help yourself, is a great way to encourage guests to get up out of their seats and try the dessert. It also makes for an excellent picture.

Don’t be afraid to be punny

Puns make the best neon wedding signs. “Drunk in love” for the bar or “dance the night away” by the dance floor all make for a cute message to guests. Custom neon sign weddings make everyone happy, even happier when they are a little funny!

Wedding table decorations

If you aren’t a big fan of flowers for table decorations, consider neon signs! They make an elegant but innovative table decoration that also lights up a room. 

Make it seasonal

Are you having a specifically seasonal wedding? Neon signs make great fall wedding decorations with leaves or winter wedding decor with a simple but classic holiday saying that is full of love. 

Adding to other decor

If you have other wedding decor like a wood board for a backdrop or a chandelier, think about incorporating neon signage. A cloud neon sign for a chandelier would make for a dreamy wedding, and a blue neon sign would brighten any wooden board that would ultimately be plain without it. 

The DJ booth

The DJ booth is one of the best parts of the celebration. Why not highlight it with a cool neon wedding sign that encourages guests to get up and move?

Highlight the menu

Guests will be eager to get their delicious food when they see a neon display of the menu. A fun way to incorporate this is for a late-night snack like a s’more bar or a slice of pizza. 

Handwritten touch

If you want to take customization to the next level, use your own handwriting to make the neon sign instead of the traditional tried and true font. 

Themed weddings

If you are having a themed wedding, consider displaying a neon sign that hints or introduces the theme. Whether it is midnight in Paris with an Eiffel tower or a winter wonderland with a snowflake, it will be sure to encapsulate your guests. If you are hosting a destination wedding, you could create a neon wedding sign of the location, and then you will get to keep that sign as a keepsake of your special day.

Inspire your guests

Neon signs don’t have to be concrete and direct with their messaging. In fact, use neon signage as an opportunity to give inspiration back to your guests with a favorite quote or saying like “reach for the stars” or “dance to the moon.” 

While it may sound cheesy, it will give your wedding a dreamy and romantic feel. Really take the opportunity to utilize these wedding signs as a way to showcase your creativity. 

You can tell a unique story about your love between you and your partner, tell an anecdote, highlight a family inside joke, or exemplify key signs that represent who you are. 

As zodiac signs have been very popular recently, putting together neon signs of you and your partner’s zodiac signs would be a really interesting way of representing you. 

Neon wedding signs make your big day!

Neon signs make the perfect wedding accessories. They can be customized to your style and aesthetic or even your personality. They can be used to showcase who you are as a couple, help guests find their way, or even tell a story of your relationship. 

Neon signs are versatile and can be used in so many different ways, making them perfect for any couple and any type of wedding. They also just make a traditional wedding go to a cool, modern, and unique wedding quickly without much hassle. 

The best part about neon signs is that unlike other wedding decor, they can be repurposed in your own home after the big day. Regardless of how you choose to decorate with neon wedding signs, they will light up your special day like no other. Have fun with them, and let your creativity shine!

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