Late-Night Wedding Snacks to Keep the Party Going

late night wedding snacks

When planning your wedding and wedding menu, you are probably focusing solely on the essentials – dinner, dessert, and alcohol. But what about a midnight snack? If you are planning on an all-night-long celebration where your loved ones can keep dancing and grooving well into the night, you might have to provide some reinforcements!

Think about adding a little extra to your menu with a late-night snack. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or crazy fancy, but it’ll be a huge crowd-pleaser, especially when people start to lose fuel in the late hours of the night. 

Regardless if you prefer a sugary snack to fix your sweet tooth or your idea of a late night snack is more savory, everyone will love it. If you’re looking for a few ideas to get you started, look no further. We compiled all of the best late night wedding snacks to pick from, so it’s up to you to decide – What is the best late night snack?


Ice cream

If your wedding is in the summer (or for ice cream lovers any other season), guests might be feeling the heat, especially on the dance floor. Some of the best late night wedding snacks come in the form of ice cream or popsicles. It’s easy to eat and pass out to guests, plus you can get very creative with flavors or brands.



If we are talking inexpensive late night wedding snacks, you can’t go wrong with popcorn. There are so many creative takes on this snack. You can customize the popcorn bags and pass them out as wedding favors and snacks at the end of the night. You could also set up a popcorn station where guests could customize their snack with sweet, salty, and savory additions.



If you’re thinking, “What can I serve late night guests”, go with s’mores because everyone loves them. What’s better than a fresh round of s’mores late at night? Hand them out on plates, or pack them in little gift bags individually so guests can roast their own if there is a bonfire.


The classics

Think about the kind of food you gravitate toward late at night after drinking and dancing. It’s normally something fried. Treat your guests with french fries – waffle fries, sweet potato, or the classic french fry cut. Don’t forget those dipping sauces like aioli, ketchup, and mustard. YUM! In fact, you could even cater some fries from one of the big fast food chains.

And don’t just stop at french fries. You could provide cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, or your other favorite classics. Think about delicious snacks like tacos or quesadillas, or even fried chicken to add to the list as well.  


Don’t have a lot of time? Some easy wedding late night snack ideas involve some chocolates and a cute box. Skip all of the extra planning for different food types and simply set out cute boxes with assorted chocolates. 


One of the biggest benefits of pizza as a late night wedding reception snack is that it is so easy. You can pre-order some pizzas or work with your venue to provide some through them. The real question is, how many pizzas do you need for a late night wedding snack?

Food trucks 

Another fun and creative idea for late night snacks at weddings is bringing in a food truck. A wedding late night snack food truck will bring a lot of excitement for guests after a night of dancing. This type of snack will keep the night going rather than calling an end to the night. If you want to motivate your guests to keep partying, this is the way to go. 

Espresso shots

Lastly, espresso shots! If you are looking for cheap late night wedding snacks that can also help keep guests going the rest of the night, think about adding an espresso bar to your wedding party. You could set up a little table with coffee mugs, espresso cups, and different add-ins. Pair it with some cookies, and you have the perfect late night snack – an elevated version of milk and cookies.


Keep the party going with right late night wedding snacks!

When planning your wedding menu, don’t forget about the late night snack. Your wedding venue can help you put together a snack option or choose from the list we provided. The Lumber Exchange has plenty of options on their menu to fix your late night craving and make your wedding party the talk of the town. Your guests will greatly appreciate the late night wedding reception snacks, and everyone can get the energy they need to keep dancing through the night!




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