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bachelorette party ideas

The most successful bachelorette parties focus on what the bride loves most. Keep in mind, this party is to celebrate her last few months, weeks, or days as a single woman.  Party the night away at the swankiest club, or have a relaxing camping trip with her best friends. Just be sure to celebrate her favorite way!

Here’s a list of bachelorette party favors, decorations, games, and activity ideas to help you host the perfect bachelorette party!  Get ready to dive into planning.

Now that you have the ring on your finger, are you looking to have the most perfect bachelorette party of the year? Whether you are the maid of honor or the bride herself, you have come to the right place

Planning a bachelorette party is a lot of work, but when you have a list of bachelorette party ideas to choose from, you just need to get started. And don’t worry, we are here to help! 

The most successful bachelorette parties focus on what the bride wants and loves the most. This party is to celebrate her and her favorite people surrounding her. Whether that means partying the night away at a cool club or jetting out to a warmer destination, make sure to celebrate in the bride’s favorite way.


What does the bachelorette party look like today?

The return of the wedding season after the pandemic involves a lot of the traditional pre-wedding events. The bachelorette party is no exception. Bachelorette party ideas have significantly evolved from a one-night outing to a strategically and carefully planned multi-day affair. In 2021, bachelorette parties are being treated more as a getaway before the big wedding day.

The bachelorette party doesn’t just span over multiple days. It is usually accompanied by a lot of personal touches like custom gear, unique activities, and sweet surprises. 

A designated bachelorette party planner is often used to map out the entire trip. Usually, the designated wedding planner is the maid of honor, but these days, other family members and friends are pitching in to help with the extensive planning process. To ensure that you are on trend this year, here are some of the top bachelorette party ideas for 2021 and 2022, including destinations, themes, activities, and more.


The popular season

Before, spring was known as the most popular season for bachelorette parties because of the nicer weather and many weddings occurring in the summer. Recently, however, more bachelorette parties are happening in the summer, similar to the highly anticipated summer vacation. 

The peak season falls somewhere between the months of June and August and allows for a plethora of new trends and ideas. Some trends we see include longer stays and higher budgets. Weddings are also taking place within a month of the bachelorette party, unlike in past years.


The new bachelorette parties

If we think back to the old bachelorette parties, they would typically occur on the week of the wedding or even the night before as bridesmaids had to pull it together for the wedding from a wild night out the night before. 

Today, the great majority of bachelorette parties tend to have an overnight concept where the party rents a home or a hotel suite for a kind of getaway approach.

It is almost presumed that all bachelorette parties are overnight and span over two to three days on average. These types of bachelorette party ideas tend to happen much in advance of the wedding to recover. They are also more expensive and require a lot more planning, so time between the big day and the bachelorette party is a good idea.


Types of travel

More bachelorette parties are catching flights this season. Almost one in four bachelorette parties are traveling by plane instead of by car, especially with the push to destination bachelorette parties becoming the norm. More and more bachelorette party-goers are willing to spend more than what they would have normally spent in the past.

Booking homes in warmer destinations is a huge trend this season, and one of the hottest ticket items is a pool. Hotels are still the most preferred option, but rental homes have significantly increased in popularity. Bachelorette party ideas expand vastly when you open up the location to wherever your heart desires.


Bachelorette party activities

All over TikTok, you will find videos of brides-to-be or maid of honors partying the night away from club to club. Day and night clubs consist of a lot of activities, and reservations are required for most establishments well in advance these days. 

Even the bachelorette party themes are planned and carefully selected well in advance to prepare outfits and any customized swag. The total number of activities for the average bachelorette party in 2021 is around six. That’s a lot of planning!

Some standard options include very fun bachelorette party games, dancing at clubs, spa days with massages or manicures, and dinners and drinks. Many bachelorette parties are now opting for boozy brunches, poolside parties, and beach days if you are in a warmer location or are throwing your bachelorette party in the summer months.


Themed bachelorette parties

If you are looking to customize your bach party, even more, consider opting for a bachelorette party theme. There are so many unconventional bachelorette party ideas, and many of them start with a unique theme. 

For example, a 90s themed bachelorette party would be very fun! You get to dress up in some 90s style clothing. If you are looking for something more lowkey or heading to a winery, a wine-themed bachelorette party would be perfect. Other activity ideas include designing a chic picnic, hosting DIY activities, or booking a cooking class with a professional chef.


Most popular destinations

Now thinking about destinations, Las Vegas and Nashville are in the top bachelorette party destinations. Other big Texas cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin also are in the top 10. 

Each city has its own charm and will appeal to different groups depending on what they are looking for. For example, Austin will appeal to groups who are looking for a more low key bachelorette party hanging by the pool. On the other hand, locations like Dallas and Houston will appeal more to the group that wants to book a hotel suite.

There has also been a push for tropical bachelorette parties. More and more groups are visiting destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean for their bachelorette parties. Some are even planning Europe trips.


No more bachelorette party nights in

After the pandemic with many bachelorette parties moving virtual or getting cancelled all together, nights in are old news. Groups today prefer to take the night out on the town. Popular activities include wine tasting during the day and spending the evenings out hitting the clubs or going to trendy restaurants. 

Rooftop bars are becoming really popular, as well. While bar hopping is still up there in terms of popularity, it has slowly started to decline along with karaoke. Instead, bachelorette party ideas include pool parties, glamorous camping, and rooftop bar hopping.


Bachelorette Treats and Gifts

Imagine you spent the entire day drinking bubbly champagne, and you come home to a delicious sweet confection. Many groups are not choosing to plan ahead and present a special surprise moment to the bride and the rest of the party. This surprise moment can mean many things like a group gift, a cake, or her favorite treat to show just how much she means to the rest of the party. It also acts as a bit of a relief from all of the wedding (and bachelorette) planning.

Sweets are basically expected at weddings and birthday parties, but the bachelorette party treat is becoming all the rage in 2021. More and more companies are shipping nationwide to meet bachelorette party deadlines and requests. 

Many groups also choose to plan a special gift for the bride, like purchasing something off her wedding registry or buying something special for her that she can use at the wedding.


All the swag for bachelorette parties

While sashes still rock at a bachelorette party, more bachelorette parties are opting for additional custom gear that they can wear around. Custom gear includes customized swimsuits or t-shirts, or even tracksuits that would be perfect for a 90s themed party

The younger generations are craving personalization which oftentimes start from bachelorette party invitations. Groups will also order fun-themed swimsuits, screen-printed or designed T-shirts that read cute sayings, and other keepsakes predesignated for the event. 

Major bonus points for the groups that plan ahead with a bunch of cute pool floaties that are totally Instagrammable. The majority of bachelorette parties anticipate special attire for their occasion, like gear and party favors. Some popular sites to achieve these fun looks and necessities include David’s Bridal, Birdy Grey, and Etsy.


The dream Bachelorette

If you’ve made it to the end of this article, major props to you! You are officially qualified to plan the most amazing bachelorette party your friends will ever attend! 

From choosing the perfect bachelorette party activity to selecting the perfect party favors for the guests, the bachelorette party ideas are endless. Regardless of how you choose to spend your bachelorette party, just make sure that you are celebrating the bride!


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