Minneapolis Bachelorette Party ideas: Stay on Elegant & Classy Side

Minneapolis Bachelorette Party Ideas

Minneapolis bachelorette party ideas… elegance and class are never out of style.

Every bride-to-be has a different and unique story. So every bachelorette party should also be a signature experience to each beautifully original bride. Some brides will like a private party, some will want a loud wild event, and still, others will crave a healthy mix of both.

Yet sometimes it’s time to break the stereotypes of sashes and scandalously-shaped novelty jewelry. What do we usually see in movies about bachelorette parties? There’s the bride wearing a plastic tiara, surrounded by drunk girl friends, waiting for a guy dressed up as a fireman to pop out of a cake. The best part about this – these movies have given all kinds of women permission to really celebrate the end of their singlehood surrounded by their tribe of friends.

bachelorette party

The worst part about this – sometimes it seems like there’s only one way to have a bachelorette party and you better be into trips to Vegas or heavy drinking if you’re going to be in a bridal party. If you are a grown, confident woman of style and substance – you know you want a party that feels right to you. And if you are the maid of honor who has that important task of planning it all, you need to respect the bride’s wishes. It is about celebrating friendship and the next era of your life that is about to start.

So we are offering a little help… think of us as a fairy godmother with great tips and even better spaces. There are so many elegant and exceptional solutions for a bachelorette party. Let us lead the way and spark your creativity! Champagne – yes, please!  Tasty treats? Oh yes! Pampering? We thought you will never ask. 


Classy fun and games

First, make the bride pop for the right reasons. Have her wear a chic white dress for the bachelorette party and other bridesmaids can have dresses in the same color. Use some elegant, vivid colors to connect your party – red is always a big yes. You can rent one of our private suites for you and your ladies for the entire weekend and enjoy the memories you are making. All the essentials should be there.

classy games

Don’t forget the champagne and strawberries or tasty treats like appetizers and mini desserts. You could also bring movies if you are so inclined.  Definitely don’t forget to curate some playlists will amp you up, cool it down, and provide every mood your girl gang needs. 

Now, the games! You can always play truth or dare – it’s a classic for a reason. Create a quiz on how good the bride knows her husband-to-be. You could even make a scavenger hunt that brings you through the best city there is…Minneapolis! 

Minneapolis bachelorette party ideas…

Wine tasting and cocktail making are great ways to have fun and get creative. Taste different kinds of wine and let them inspire your tastebuds. Try to describe it – who knows, maybe you’re a natural sommelier. Create your own custom cocktail inspirited by the bride or show that you are a master of making a marvelous Bloody Mary. Your girls will be impressed and appreciative. 


If you want to keep everything alcohol-free – host an elegant tea party in our room, Sawyer’s. There are always spa options to enjoy more self-care as a group – bring in a nail artist, a makeup artist, and a hair stylist. Let everyone try out their wedding looks…and then take those professionally coiffed looks out for a night on the town.  


Elegant dinner… and a party later


There is nothing wrong with sticking to the classics – Have a gourmet dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants in our city. Or use our in-house chef and host an unforgettable meal in our space, Dylan’s.  Do not make it exclusive for your girls only. Some brides like to share this special moment with friends and family members. You will enjoy the fantastic in-house meals and collaborate with our staff to create your own bachelorette party menu. As a maid of honor, you could even rent a projector for this evening and create a slideshow with your memories.

elegant dinner

It will be an awesome bonding experience for everyone. Once you’ve enjoyed your favorite dishes, continue your party somewhere else. If you’re at the Lumber Exchange Event Center, it’s a no-brainer to just visit The Pourhouse or the Exchange & Alibi lounge. Do you like to enjoy music and original genres – The Pourhouse is an amazing choice. If you want to feel like a diva – open the door of the Exchange & Alibi lounge.  Bachelorette teams should absolutely try our bottle service – you can have VIP treatment and have a unique opportunity to try high-quality drinks and mix your own drinks ( show what you learned on that cocktail making course).

Instagram-Worthy Photoshoot for an elegant bachelorette party


There is a new rule in today’s world – if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. So make your own Instagram worthy photo shoot with your girls across the entire town. Create your own map of memories – first kisses, favorite places, fun moments. It is your own personal history so let the people know where you’ve been.

You are about to enter a whole new era which is both scary and beautiful. But you know what?  You’re in luck having friends like this on your side. And you now will have fabulous pictures to prove it. Our suggestion: Use the beautiful scenery and beauty of our historical building, as well as the iconic Bob Dylan mural for a photo shoot you’ll always #tbt. Your own history will intertwine with the history of the city.

We are here to listen to your wishes and help you have the best experience possible. You will have a special perfect day with your significant other, but first, you deserve an elegant night with your friends that you will remember forever. Hope you like our Minneapolis bachelorette party ideas and that we will see you soon.


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