Wedding themes and how to make them more personalized

wedding themes


When thinking about your wedding, selecting a wedding theme is probably one of the best ways to truly personalize your special day. A defined wedding theme can help you make important decisions like color schemes, decorating plans, and the overall feel of the day. But when thinking about wedding themes, you might feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry! We helped put together a list of some magical and beautiful wedding themes to get the ball rolling. We included some of the most popular wedding styles to more adventurous ideas. Let’s get started. 


Do you need a wedding theme?


First, do you actually need a wedding theme? Honestly, if you aren’t feeling drawn to any particular theme or style, then skip it. But the beauty of a wedding theme or style makes the planning process a whole lot easier. A theme essentially creates an opportunity to have a cohesive wedding design, sets the tone for the night, and helps you establish and manage your budget. If you want a spectacular wedding that leaves your guests feeling magical, a theme helps tell a story throughout the night and even from the moment they receive the invitation. For example, if you choose a classic wedding, guests can expect more formal attire and more formal dining, whereas if you select a boho wedding, the night will be less traditional. 


How to start picking a theme


If you have no idea where to start, think about the time and location of your wedding. These two factors can be guiding forces in selecting a theme for your wedding. For example, if your wedding falls near the holidays, going with a theme that gently highlights that holiday or time of the year would be a very subtle and perfect tie-in. It can be challenging to follow a wedding style which is why working with vendors to help bring your vision to life is crucial. 


Theme or Style

Lastly, you should determine if you will be following a wedding theme or just a wedding style. The style of your wedding is more the overall look and feel, while the theme is a specific subject or concept used to bring out the details of the wedding design. For example, if you plan a wedding around the Great Gatsby, that is a clear wedding theme. But if you only focus on style elements like vintage, glam, and art deco, then you are concentrating on the style or stylistic aspects of the movie and book. 


Seasonal Wedding themes


First, let’s talk about seasonal wedding themes. 

Fall Weddings

What do wedding themes for fall look like? Well, think about fall and the colors associated with it. It will be full of dark reds and oranges, incorporate a more rustic style, and even have leaves and other fall-related necessities. Natural textures like stone and wood, fresh food, and organic paper are the staples of this wedding style. 

Winter Weddings

For winter, there’s nothing quite like a magical winter-themed wedding. From wintry florals to holiday music, seasonal details can add a lot of personality, warmth, and charm to the very cold days and create a winter wonderland wedding theme. You can wear warm-weather attire, think chic faux fur, and craft and outdoor bar to make out the spirit of the season. 

Summer weddings

Wedding themes for the summer are full of bright colors, florals, and a more casual style. The options are endless when it comes to seasonal wedding themes. 


Holiday Themes

Going along with the seasonal aspect, holiday themes are very popular among weddings. Take Christmas, for example. Not only can you create a beautiful Christmas themed wedding, but you can also celebrate the holiday with all of your favorite family and friends on your big night. Now that’s a holiday! And if Halloween is your favorite holiday, there are definitely some incredible opportunities for a Halloween themed wedding. Think dark colors with a black wedding theme and even encompassing a masked ball. 


Classic wedding themes


These wedding themes are classy and will never go out of style. 

Rustic wedding

First, we have the rustic wedding theme with a farm-to-table experience. Natural textures, fresh food, and a color palette full of neutrals and soft tones will make this wedding come together. Rustic weddings are often associated with farms and barns, but it isn’t the only place to hold this type of wedding. It’s really all about the elements you incorporate into your wedding day that will make this theme pop.

Romantic wedding

Next, we have the romantic wedding theme. These weddings are all about barely-there hues, beautiful details, and flowy vibes to showcase and celebrate the love. Shades of blush, pastels, and ivory are perfect for this wedding theme, and decorate the venue with an abundance of flowers, candles, and twinkle lights. 

Glam wedding

If you have an eye for the finer things in life, you will probably opt for a glamorous wedding theme. A glam wedding can be done in any color scheme but is full of sparkly details, luxurious textures, and everything over the top!


Creative wedding themes

A creative wedding theme is calling your name for those who love to step out of the box and put together something unforgettable. Creativity and opportunities are endless when it comes to themes, but here are a few.

Beach themed wedding

Almost a classic but not quite, a beach themed wedding kind of depends on location but could be tied in even if you aren’t at the beach. A beach themed wedding holds nautical themes like anchors and sailboats. Lighthouse decor, seashells, and breezy linen fabrics create a whimsical beach experience. Food is an easy pick with a seafood bar or local catches, and everyone loves an excellent fresh shrimp cocktail during cocktail hour. 

Country themed wedding

This style is all about celebrating the west and has accents of the old charm. Don’t go over the top with this one. Play it classy with a couple of accents of the wild, wild west. 

Fairytale wedding theme

A whimsical, fairytale wedding theme is reminiscent of a garden party. A wedding invitation is the best place to introduce this one-of-a-kind theme with a quirky wordplay not to give away the whole idea. For details, think lush greenery, thrifted China, interactive entertainment, and anything else that is fit for a princess. You want to encapsulate the feeling of a real-life fairytale, so no detail is too small. 

Disney themed wedding

Now, if you really want to go the fairytale route even further, a Disney-themed wedding might be perfect for you. Whether it be a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme or a play on Snow White, Disney weddings are always dreamy when done right. You don’t want to play up this theme too much because it can come off as cheesy, but when highlighted correctly with the most beautiful aspects of the storylines, Disney weddings are an actual dream. 

Movie themed wedding

If a Disney themed wedding isn’t your cup of tea, but magic still is, why not throw a Harry Potter themed wedding? You might be thinking that sounds crazy, but have you seen the beautiful banquet hall in the movies? There are so many incredible details that can be pulled from movies and books for a creative and one-of-a-kind wedding theme that is an ode to your favorite story. 


Color themed wedding

Color themed weddings are also a popular and easier choice. If you are having a difficult time selecting a theme and aren’t tied down to any particular style, choosing a color and rolling with it can still make your wedding feel very cohesive without being too branded. You can highlight the changing seasons with a red wedding theme during fall or winter, or if your favorite color is purple, why not do a purple wedding theme. If you still want a lavish feel without being full glam, go with a rose gold wedding theme. It still highlights opulence without screaming it.


Heritage wedding themes

When thinking about what is most special to you, your heritage might stand out. Celebrating your roots on the most special day can be a fantastic choice. Mexican themed weddings can highlight cultural cuisines or traditions and make the wedding night really personal to you and your partner. 

Now that you have a good understanding of some traditional wedding themes and some nontraditional wedding themes, you should have a clearer understanding of what you want your wedding day to look like. Don’t put pressure on yourself to having to stick with that one theme for every single detail. Just let the wedding theme be a guiding light to make your planning a little bit easier. Whatever wedding theme you end up deciding on, you will have a spectacular night that is unforgettable. 


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