Wedding flower arrangements

wedding flower arrangements

When it comes to wedding flower arrangements, you probably have a vision already in your mind. And if you don’t, that’s okay! 

The tricky thing is really narrowing down what that grand idea looks like in reality. You probably know the most common wedding flower arrangements like centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres, but did you know there are way more than just the basics? There are dozens of other ways to incorporate flowers in your wedding and customize the flowers to match your aesthetic and unique style. 

This article will provide you with some wedding flower arrangement ideas for your big day to cover everything you need and give you some ideas on incorporating flowers in non-traditional ways. Let’s get started. 

Wedding Bouquets

First, the classic wedding bouquet is a staple. It can be argued that it’s the most important floral arrangement that is seen on your wedding day. The flowers you choose can dictate the rest of the wedding theme, as well as what you are trying to portray. Bouquets come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, whether super grand or more minimalistic. Each one is unique and special, so you can really tailor it to match you as a person and your love story.

You also have the bridesmaid bouquets, which are a little smaller and less elaborate. They can accent the bride’s bouquet with similar flowers and matching colors. They can all match each other or complement each other and be a little different and unique. A beautiful trend we saw is having bridesmaids carry white wedding flower arrangements to complement the bride.

Table Arrangements

Wedding table arrangements come in all different types. First, you have centerpieces that are larger floral arrangements seen in the center of your banquet table. They are more of a staple and bold pieces that are found in many weddings. They can range in shape, color, style, and size. Centerpieces add something special to the main tables and can bring a consistent theme throughout the venue.

Instead of the traditional centerpieces, some people opt for a floral garland which is a long rope of greenery and florals. They often drape over cocktail bars or are used as a table runner. They are gorgeous and create a more bohemian feel than the traditional centerpiece. 

Another option is a floral fireplace mantel. If your venue includes a fireplace, highlight the feature with fresh flowers and more personal details that will complement the rest of the wedding.


The amazing thing about floral arrangements is the way they can really create a wow factor. Think about a wedding reception venue entrance. Whether it be indoors or outside, decorating the entryway with big flowers that complement the rest of the wedding theme will be a grand way to welcome your guests.

Another showstopper floral piece is a floral statement wall. If you want to make a statement with your décor, you should definitely put this on your list. Floral statement walls make an insanely impressive backdrop for pictures and entrances. They can be customized to the rest of your wedding aesthetic. Some people spend time making it themselves a day or two before, or some hire a company to rent it from. Some even make them with fake floral arrangements or artificial wedding flower arrangements to not have to worry about the flowers dying before the wedding.

If your venue has a pool or some kind of water feature like a fountain, use floating flowers to display your floral pieces. For example, using single blooms or placing them on floating trays can add a very mystical and elegant theme to your wedding.

Lastly, using a floral chandelier can also make a huge statement. By handing floral arrangements, you are creating tiered levels and filling the space. They either come in a wreath shape or in the shape of a traditional chandelier and are hung over the reception space or dance floor.

Seasonal floral arrangements

As we all know, different flowers bloom in different seasons. If you want to incorporate elements of the season into your day or have a specific aesthetic that matches the time of year, your floral arrangements are the best way to do that. For example, fall wedding flower arrangements will incorporate more rustic flowers with darker colors like garden roses and calla lilies. For a summer wedding, select flowers like peonies or gardenias.

DIY Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements are costly to purchase for a wedding. They can take up the majority of the cost on your big day. There is always the option of creating your floral arrangements by yourself. With so many tutorials out there, it is definitely possible to get your flowers by yourself from your standard floral places and make them yourself. Some people create their bouquets by themselves the day before, and while it can be stressful, as long as you prepare beforehand and have a helping hand, you can easily create beautiful DIY wedding flower arrangements. 

Beautiful wedding florals

Choosing your wedding floral arrangements can be stressful. There are so many options and different paths to go with it. Selecting your arrangements can accent the rest of your wedding, and various types of arrangements can make a wedding go from traditional to showstopping. By choosing a few of the many options provided here, your wedding will be highlighted with beautiful floral arrangements and showcase the aesthetic of your big day. Just remember to have fun and be creative with your florals!

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