Valentine’s Day Marriage: A Perfect Start

valentine's day marriage

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the one time of the year when loud proclamations of love are celebrated across restaurants, social media, and in the eyes of a man who is walking back from work with a giant bouquet of beautiful flowers for his love. Most people believe that Valentine’s Day is a day to reconnect and celebrate their relationship, which is why Valentine’s Day marriage is perfect.

It isn’t cringy or overdone. It is a perfect time to embrace the love that is all around you and celebrate with your friends and family. In this article, we will cover why a February 14th wedding is nothing short of magical and how you can achieve it, too!

Where did Valentine’s Day come from?

The true origin of Valentine’s Day is disputed, but rumor has it that it was named after a priest who signed a letter “from your Valentine” to his jailer’s daughter. He also somehow healed her from blindness which made him Saint Valentine. Another account of the origin of the holiday is that St. Valentine, a bishop, defied the emperor’s orders at the time and secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war.

Regardless of how Valentine’s Day came to be, formal messages began to appear in the 1500s, and already by the late 1700s, commercially printed valentines were being used. Valentines typically portray Cupid, the Roman god of love, along with hearts, the bodily organ thought to be responsible for emotion. Birds are also a symbol of the day because it was though that the avian mating season begins in mid-February.

Valentine’s Day today is celebrated in many different ways. Couples go out to dinner or exchange gifts like flowers and chocolates to celebrate their love for one another. Valentine’s Day can also be a day to celebrate the love between your friends and family, which is why a Valentine’s Day marriage is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and rejoice in a beautiful wedding.

Benefits of a Valentine’s Day marriage

A valentine’s wedding doesn’t have to be corny. In fact, it can be really personal and make the holiday feel extra special. We understand how people can get fed up with the commercialism of the holiday, but when it is your wedding anniversary, it will feel like the entire world is celebrating you! So down the line, when your anniversary might fall on a sad and busy Wednesday with chores to do, you will still feel like it’s a day worth celebrating because the whole world is, too.

Next, think about the amount of gift ideas you will have for years to come. You can score some of the best deals on jewelry, flowers, and travel packages during this time. And if you aren’t the most creative gift giver, Valentine’s Day will be flooding your inbox with new gift ideas.

Celebrating your marriage on Valentine’s Day makes it and your anniversary an event. Think about how your happy wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day will be when almost every restaurant or event space is putting something on that night for you to choose from. There will never be a shortage of things to choose from to celebrate you and your marriage on Valentine’s Day.

By February, most people are yearning for warm weather. A Valentine’s Day wedding and anniversary lets you and your partner have an excuse to get away somewhere warm. In fact, this might be the perfect opportunity for a destination Valentine’s Day marriage. It’s probably a given that your wedding guests wouldn’t mind a beautiful beach background around this time of year.

Lastly, you’ll have a Valentine forever! A Valentine’s Day wedding means that you will always have someone to call your valentine for years and years to come. It makes the day so much more special and will always serve as a reminder of the love that you and your partner have for one another.

valentine wedding ideas

So how do you achieve a Valentine’s Day themed wedding?

To hold a wedding on Valentine’s Day, the first step is to book your venue way in advance. It is just one day that celebrates love more than anything else, so it’s a given that many other couples will have a similar idea. Venues, because of this, can be difficult to come by, so when you have the thought that having a Valentine’s Day marriage is something you want, get on top of booking a space as soon as possible. Along with this, you’ll want to give your guests enough notice because they will probably also have some kind of plans in mind, and this way, they can keep their schedules clear. To do this, make sure you send out your save the dates and wedding invitations way in advance, giving your guests the opportunity to plan ahead.

Other than that, planning a Valentine’s Day wedding is pretty similar to planning a wedding any other time of year. Here are a few more tips to ensure your day is full of love!

With save the dates and your venue booked in advance, it is now time to decide on your theme. Most couples who are planning to get married on Valentine’s Day pick a romantic theme as it just makes sense. Your color scheme can be red or pink with tasteful wedding valentine decorations like Cupid’s arrows or hearts. But don’t make yourself get tied down to this theme. You are free to pick any theme that you want, as it is your wedding day after all! You can still have some nods to the holiday to celebrate, but it doesn’t have to be over the top. A Valentine’s Day marriage can still be very modern and tasteful!

The next step after choosing your theme is arranging everything else. Easier said than done. This is the step that requires quite a bit of planning. We won’t go into too much detail in this article. Feel free to refer to our many amazing wedding guides, but there are many little details and nuances that go into the big day! First, you’ll want to continue thinking about how or if you want to tie Valentine’s Day marriage into your wedding. This will carry into your wedding stationary, your food, your valentine wedding song, and much more.

You can even really stick to them and choose a Valentine’s Day wedding dress that is an ode to the holiday or go for the classics. Obviously, you could wear red or other romance-type colors. Try experimenting with different kinds of fabric to add texture or unique style to your look, like red lace or velvet that will add to the romantic luxuriousness. Pink is also a very appreciated color on February 14th for Valentine’s Day marriages. However, pink might be too summery for the winter time, so we recommend using deeper hues of pink. Lastly, you don’t need to go full Valentine’s Day outfit. You could pair your classic white wedding dress with red lipstick or shoes, or even a heart shaped clutch to hint at the holiday.

What about the food? Valentine’s Day weddings can be seen as corny, but you can turn this around with the food. Some fun ideas we saw were diner style food making it a little 70s themed with snacks and milkshakes. This also creates a perfect photo opportunity! You can also go the classic route with a multiple course dinner next to candles and beautiful flower arrangements. Not only will your guests enjoy celebrating you, but they will also feel like they are at a romantic dinner that celebrates them. For a Valentine’s wedding cake, again, you don’t have to go full Valentine’s theme, but it could be fun to try something new! Red velvet is a very popular choice for a Valentine’s Day marriage!

Valentine wedding ideas

There are so many wonderful ideas out there to help you commemorate your Valentine’s Day marriage in style. It doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. If you plan in advance and do what you want to do, you are sure to have a magical time. Getting married on Valentine’s Day is special and something that will never be forgotten. The benefits of a February 14th wedding date are endless as you will always have a partner to call your valentine for years and years to come. Celebrating your wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day will be really unique, and there will always be something to do!

When getting married on Valentine’s Day, you will find love in everything, and the world will celebrate you and your beautiful marriage. There is no better way to celebrate a holiday of love than to get married to the person you love the most!

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