Team Building Events Minneapolis: How to Have Some Team Fun during Minnesota Winter

Team Building Event Minneapolis

Minnesota winter is no joke. It’s dark. It’s cold. And it feels like it will never end. But turning the winter doldrums into an opportunity is what Minnesotans do. It’s a perfect time to give your team a much-needed break and host some team building events in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a thriving city with activities and venues abound. You are sure to find some fun group activities in the Twin Cities to break up the Minnesota winter and strengthen your team’s bond. Let’s see what makes for a good team building event and discover some fun group activities in Minneapolis that are good to do in the winter.

From culinary events and puzzle rooms to a casino night or an obstacle course showdown, there is no shortage of team building events in Minneapolis. Winter office activities cannot only break up the monotony of a Minnesota winter, but it can bring your team together at the same time. 

Why Host a Team Building Event?

Before diving into a list of winter team building activities you can host for your staff, let’s take a look at why team building events are a good idea. These fun and interesting events outside of the workplace help create a stronger bond between co-workers that then spills over into the workplace. Hosting staff activities for team building can help enrich your team’s interaction and communication. These group events and activities create connection and a sense of belonging while also providing a chance to refresh and revitalize, especially during the long Minnesota winter, when everyone’s spirit needs a little lift. 

Top Six Reasons for Hosting a Team Building Event for your Staff


  1. Face-to-face interaction that is not all about work brings about interconnection among diverse groups of colleagues
  2. A chance to listen to each other in ways not focused on deadlines or work projects improves communication and cohesion
  3. Shared moments and fun memories create stronger social bonds between team members and boosts employee engagement and productivity
  4. Events hosted outside of the office allows leadership to show employees through deeds and not just words that they are valued and cared about
  5. A fun, shared experience gives teams a chance to get to know each other and develop trust, which leads to more successful teams who are willing to help each other
  6. Team building events help build just what it says–better teams


The benefits of team building runs the gamut of boosted morale and employee wellbeing to stronger trust, better communication, and increased collaboration between team members. This all leads to happier employees, which helps maintain employee retention and a more inspired and connected workplace. And besides all the benefits, hosting these events, especially in Minneapolis, is not hard. Minneapolis team building activities run the gamut too. Your choice for team building events in Minneapolis that bring your team together goes way beyond bowling or cocktail hour. There are so many inspiring winter social event ideas and group activities. Minneapolis is full of them. Let’s explore some fun indoor team building activities. Minnesota winter doldrums won’t stand a chance with any of these.

Team Building Events – Minneapolis

There are four main types of team building activities: communication, problem-solving, creative thinking, and employee bonding. Hosting an event that brings these four things together adds not only fun but also reaps the benefits of team building events. Minneapolis is a city full of places to do just that, even in winter. In fact, especially in winter, when everyone needs it most. Minneapolis is built to have fun indoors as much as outdoors and winter themed team building games can be a lot of fun too. 

A Maker’s Space! Collaborative Art Making

Tap into the creative energy in your group with some hands-on contemporary craft designs, such as tie-dye, DIY creative projects, textile art, or painting. These types of team building events in Minneapolis take advantage of all the great art and art spaces that the city has in abundance. Art spaces can be open for private corporate team events. You can hire artist groups that will instruct your team on how to make a work of art along with social time to make it fun and relaxing. It is a quieter bonding activity that will get your team collaborating, finding new ways to communicate, and be inspired. It also taps into the group’s creative mindset. It switches everyone from left brain thinking into their artistic right brain, making it a great winter activity. 

A Taste for Something Wonderful!

Much like art making, hosting a culinary event can be a great winter activity for your team members. They can take cooking lessons and even make it a friendly competition, like popular shows such as Food Truck Challenge, Cupcake Wars, or Nailed It. There is also wine tasting or mixology, where they can learn to taste with the finest or mix with the best. The Twin Cities is a foodie mecca, full of culinary experts and cooking schools. All of this adds up to fun and tasty team building events in Minneapolis. What’s not to love about that in the middle of winter? 

Escape Rooms Galore

If you are looking for team building events, Minneapolis has no shortage of escape rooms to challenge your team’s organizational and problem-solving skills, communication tactics, and under-pressure time management abilities. With a ton of scenarios to choose from, escape rooms can bring your team together to solve puzzles and riddles, discover clues, crack codes, master games, and complete their assigned mission before time runs out. Scenarios can range from a bank vault or dungeon to space ships, hospital rooms or even a wartime bunker. It takes teamwork to sleuth their way out and all the while they are having loads of fun. Escape rooms can usually accommodate up to about ten people, but you can rent out several rooms or groups can take turns if you have a larger group. Different groups can engage in a competition to see who can escape the room the fastest.

Team building in Minneapolis

Roll the Dice! Design your Own Team Building Event in Minneapolis

Renting a flexible space venue and turning it into whatever type of event you want is a team building event like no other. You can create a prohibition style speakeasy or a casino night for your team to enjoy, bond, and create connections they will remember. Who doesn’t like to get dressed up in the winter and make an escape to somewhere fun? Imagine your team dressing the part and making their way to a Vegas-style casino without having to leave the city. Games of chance and the thrill of gambling are there for the fun, but without the risk of losing your paycheck in the offer. 

The Lumber Exchange offers flexible space rentals for you to turn your next team building event into something unique and unforgettable for your staff. Winter in Minneapolis is a great time to take advantage of indoor spaces you can turn into a diversion everyone appreciates. 

Theatre, Music, and Museums

One thing Minneapolis has no shortage of is cultural centers, music venues, and theatre performances. If you are looking to host any number of winter team building events in Minneapolis, you can treat your team to a night out that includes a museum exhibit, a play, improv comedy, or a pick of musical concerts in almost any genre. Your team can create unforgettable shared memories by taking advantage of the Minneapolis cultural scene. These memories will linger well past the spring melt and build bonds that will benefit the work back in the office. 

Get Active!

Minneapolis is full of indoor activity centers that make for fun and challenging team bonding events in winter. Your staff can get into the groove to move at any number of places: trampoline parks, rock climbing clubs, ax throwing arenas, tag or dodgeball gyms, ninja-style obstacle courses, or indoor mini-golf parks. These activities allow teams to engage in friendly competitions while getting their hearts pumping and bodies moving. All healthy things to do during a long, Minnesota winter. It is also possible to take advantage of wintry activities outdoors. Team building events in Minneapolis can include outdoor activities such as snow tubing, sledding, or winter nature hikes. 

Winter Is a Great Time for Team Building Events in Minneapolis

By hosting events that foster team building in Minneapolis, winter can be a great time for your team to bond and make connections outside the office that can benefit the work done in the office. By hosting team building events in Minneapolis, you can turn the winter doldrums into an opportunity to strengthen your team with a fun and inspiring break.

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