What do you need for a Star Wars Wedding?

star wars wedding

A great way to personalize and individualize your wedding is by including little nods to your interests and hobbies throughout the design. Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or Star Wars is more your style, books and movies are a very excellent source and concept of wedding inspiration. 

Given the great vastness of the Star Wars universe, there are so many ways to incorporate the fandom into nuptials for everyone—whether you are a Han Solo stan or Leia fan or simply want to add in a little bit of cute Baby Yoda details throughout. For the very committed Star Wars fanatics, you could consider having your wedding at Villa Balbianello in Lake Como, Italy which is the filming location of Anakin and Padmé’s wedding.

Star Wars is an incredible theme because it is so vast. There are so many different parts and pieces to select from that it will make your wedding so unique. 

The wedding brainstorming process can be pretty difficult, so to help with the concepts, here are some ideas on how to have a star wars wedding with different ideas from invitations and fashion to decor inspiration and cake ideas you will want to steal.

How to Include Star Wars in Your Wedding

The options are never ending when it comes to showing the fan spirit, especially for a Star Wars wedding. Incorporating your love for Star Wars can be done in a tasteful way. A simple way to do this is to just think about items that your guests will already use, see, or interact with during the wedding day and add a little bit of “may the force be with you” flair. 

The Theme Can Be Subtle

Sometimes little nods to a motif or theme are the best way to ensure the day does not feel distasteful but is still unique. If you are looking to tastefully pay homage to Star Wars with a Star Wars wedding, think about bringing in little parts of Star Wars instead of making the entire wedding a Star Wars-themed wedding. Think about including elements like references during your wedding vows, cake decor or event decor, and quotes from the movie incorporated into table numbers.

Embrace Creativity and Personalization

It is so important to make your big day unique and special to you, regardless of any theme or details that you choose to add. Don’t try to replicate what everyone else is doing or something you saw on Pinterest to a tee. It’s great to find inspiration from others, but by putting your own twist on it, it will feel that much more authentic and special to you on your wedding. 

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Star Wars signage and Wedding Invitations 

When it comes to paper goods and invitations, the possibilities are seriously endless. A simple way of incorporating a star wars wedding is referencing textures, colors, or shapes from your favorite or most iconic scenes for your wedding invitations. Subtle references to Star Wars can be done by incorporating a color palette that alludes to Star Wars or even a literal reference using quotes from the movie. Mimicking the way a character phrases their wording could be a great and memorable experience, as well. Something like an invite with matte black metal with red UV ink and laser engraving would be awesome.

To let guests know what to expect on your wedding and implement a cohesive wedding design, it can be a lovely idea to include nods to your chosen wedding theme in the invitations. Because there are so many design themes and ideas, like the many symbols of the Star Wars universe, the options for including a Star Wars theme in your wedding stationery are never ending.

Star Wars accessories and outfits 

Many generations grew up loving Star Wars, so it is easy to see why many couples want to include it in their wedding. You can go super grand by asking your officiant to dress up as the legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi or somewhat small with Death Star-themed earrings cufflinks when it comes to Star Wars inspired fashion. You really can’t go wrong with adding a dose of Star Wars into your accessories or outfits for the wedding day, no matter what you choose.

For your wonderful wedding, you can go all in and do a star wars wedding dress or go big with a costume. You could even have your guests dress up, but if you aren’t super excited about wearing Princess Leia buns as your wedding look, you can easily incorporate Star Wars into your fashion choices subtly. Jewelry is one of the best ways to do this. It could even be a wedding ring that is inspired by the incredible movie series or a small necklace that highlights your love for the movie. 

Star Wars Cake Ideas

Cake is a tradition at almost all wedding receptions and is a perfect way to focus the theme of Star Wars for your wedding. From Darth Vader to R2D2, lovers of Star Wars have plenty of characters to have a dessert resemble. You could also go with a more subtle approach to the galaxy world through a Star Wars cake topper or a lightsaber cake knife if that is more up your alley. 

You could have your delicious cake in the shape of the awesome Death Star, so it is super satisfying to cut into. This is, of course, if you are not a fan of the Empire. You can really pimp out your dessert to match the rest of your lovely wedding theme. And it doesn’t just have to be cake either. There are so many ideas for different desserts like decorated cookies, cupcakes, or other desserts that you can add the theme to. 

Star Wars decorations and reception ideas

Many wedding couples can include the legacy of Star Wars by adding the love they have for the characters and the movie throughout their reception. One of the easiest pieces of the reception to play with is the color palette as there are so many episodes that span across decades. A way to do this is to use the forbearing grays and darks of the Star Destroyers, the subtle earthy hues of Tattooine or Endor lushness. You will find it effortless to copy the color schemes available to you both in shades and textures as they are pretty similar to traditional wedding colors. You can go anywhere in the galaxy!

There are so many incredible ideas that you can come up with and incorporate Star Wars with for decorations and reception ideas for your Star Wars wedding. From a big grand entrance made from the iconic lightsabers or a figure of the Millennium Falcon for your centerpiece, there are plenty of opportunities to show your love for the franchise. Giving away memorabilia or gift bags that relate to Star Wars is a super cute way to end the night with a touch of the theme.

The beauty of Star Wars

Whether it is through a custom cake topper that features you and your love dressed as Darth Vader, an R2D2 delicious cake, hand crafted toasting flutes with unique sayings, or the added touch of lightsabers at the end of the night, there are so many ways to incorporate the Star Wars theme for your wedding. 

The Star Wars universe is huge, absolutely huge, which gives you the opportunity to pick and choose your favorite parts. The Star Wars theme is quite different for a wedding and will let you stand out, but it also lets you make it your own. Enjoy the planning process because by incorporating the Star Wars wedding theme, you get to play around with one of your favorite franchises. 

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