Skipping a High School Reunion? Why You Shouldn’t Do It.

skipping a high school reunion

Your high school reunion is an opportunity to catch up with old pals or make amends with old enemies. It lets you reminisce about the good times and gain closure from the bad times. This is why a class reunion is a milestone you don’t want to miss.

Why you’re thinking of skipping a high school reunion

Thinking of bailing out? Hey, we get it. It can be a nerve-racking event to see people from your past, especially people who witnessed the most awkward stages of your life. This is why only 1 in 5 people attend their reunion. So, you’re not alone if you’re sweating just thinking about it.

When you ask yourself, “should I go to my high school reunion,” you may have some concerns. You might worry that you won’t impress your high school peers with who you’ve become. You may be insecure about how you look or are anxious that no one will remember you. But know that everyone else is nervous and is experiencing feelings of inadequacy.

Sure, skipping a high school reunion is the easier option. But, consider the consequences of missing out. Bailing on your reunion will cost you a unique chance to revisit where you came from. You may regret not being able to show people from your past who you are today.

It turns out that there are many more reasons to go to your reunion than to skip.

Why should I go to my high school reunion?

There’s no question you had some bad times in high school, but you also know you had so many amazing experiences. Your first crush, your best friends that shaped who you are, your first time driving …and the list goes on! The only people in the world who were in your life going through these same phases were your high school peers.

There’s no place like home

Think about it, for one night only you get to travel through time and take a trip down memory lane.

You’ll be able to see photos, recount old stories, and even laugh at embarrassing moments or old feuds. You might pick up old friendships or spark a connection with your old crush. Skipping a high school reunion kills the opportunity to bring a part of your past into your present.

So, if you’re thinking that high school reunions are for losers, you’re wrong. High school reunions are a once-in-a-lifetime experience to connect with your past.

You’re not in high school anymore

Remember that as you’ve matured since you were a teenager, so have most people. Give your classmates who may have been mean to you in high school the benefit of the doubt. They may feel embarrassed about how they acted during the tough, awkward years of their life. A high school reunion is a great opportunity to get closure.

Let’s face it, skipping a high school reunion is less stressful than attending. Confronting your past can be scary, especially if high school wasn’t the greatest time of your life. You may have been a nerd, a jock, a beauty queen, or a total outcast in high school. But, chances are you’re not that same person anymore. And neither are your classmates.

With that said, the next time you consider flaking, think about how great it’ll feel to bond with classmates you never got a chance to know way back when.

Leave no business unfinished

Admit it– you still think about what your old crush is doing from time to time. We’ve all tried looking up a person from our past on Facebook. And we’ve all felt secretly disappointed when we saw their account was set to private. Skipping a high school reunion robs you of the chance to see your old classmates without any privacy blocks or Instagram filters.

When you acknowledge the benefits of attending, you’ll start getting more excited. But then, you may realize that you don’t know if your school will even have a reunion. Today people wonder, “are high school reunions still a thing?” But, the more important questions are, “how do we make high school reunions a thing?” And “how can we combat the increasing occurrence of skipping a high school reunion?”

It all comes down to class reunion planning.

class reunion planning

Tips for planning a class reunion

If you’re struggling with how to plan a class reunion, here are a few tips to help guide you.

Leverage the power of modern technology

This isn’t your grandmother’s high school reunion. You don’t have to spend hours browsing through the white pages and mailing out paper invitations.

Today, we live in a digital world. The ability to connect with anyone from around the globe is at our fingertips. Planning the perfect class reunion is much easier these days. So, there’s no excuse to back out from helping your peers plan the best reunion!

Most tasks done in the 21st century are facilitated by the internet. This includes finding classmates, sending invites, and spreading the word about the event.

Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great for maximizing reach. Marketing the reunion across online communities will entice your old pals to attend. When they see what they could be missing, they’ll want to join the fun. Good luck skipping a high school reunion now!

All hands on deck

You’ll want to make the preparation a team effort. It’s important to have a reunion planning committee so you don’t have to go at it alone. If you’re wondering who organizes a high school reunion, it’s usually a group of alumni.

Interested in planning your reunion? Don’t hesitate to reach out to any past members of the student body. You can ask them questions about the reunion event planner and say you’d like to help.

A general guideline to follow is 1 committee member for every 25 classmates. When determining how many classmates will show up, consider last-minute sign-ups. Also, you should assume that people will bring their spouses.

Once you have an estimate of how many people will attend, it’s time to browse class reunion venues.

Venues for class reunions

If you’re thinking of skipping a high school reunion, you’ll have a big case of FOMO.  You don’t want to feel excluded when you see all the pictures from the awesome venue.

You might want to embrace nostalgia and have a reunion at your high school. Or, you might decide to keep it casual and rent a party space or a bar. Whatever you decide, make sure the location is accessible.

Keep it convenient

If the venue is hard to get to, skipping a high school reunion will seem more appealing. To prevent classmates from bailing, make sure the location is as convenient as possible.

Here are two tips for securing a great venue:

  • 1. Class reunion venues should offer ample parking. No one wants to park far away and have to walk.
  • 2. Make sure the venue is near an airport and nice hotels. Remember, there will be many people who have moved since you were all in high school. They’ll need to make travel/lodging arrangements.

A great venue will attract more people. But what’s the point of locking down the coolest location if the reunion will be boring? You’ll need a fun agenda to ensure your classmates will mingle!

Get this party started

Remember those freshman school dances where it seemed like no one was dancing? Boys and girls would sit across from each other in the gymnasium, all dressed up. They’d anxiously wait for someone, anyone, to make the first move. Your high school reunion shouldn’t be this uncomfortable.

You can drop any awkwardness by making the event informal. Avoid a formal sit-down dinner with assigned seating. Give your classmates a chance to let their hair down and have a good time. After all, what happens at a high school reunion stays at a high school reunion!

You should plan fun games that’ll break the ice and encourage participation. Also, consider hiring a band or DJ to play popular songs from your high school years. No one’s sad when they’re dancing!

Create an event that’s fun with an awesome venue, and nobody will want to be the one who’s skipping a high school reunion.

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