Micro wedding: A perfect size to fit your big dreams

micro wedding

How to be creative and authentic for your micro wedding and still make newly necessary details fit in perfectly 

Engaged couples across the globe are facing the reality that in order to move forward with their weddings (and lives), they will have to plan the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions on their wedding day. Navigating this nonstop shifting scenario is proving challenging for the world as a whole – now add the expectations of planning a micro wedding into the fold. It takes the wedding wow factor to a whole new level. 

micro wedding essentials

The Lumber Exchange Event Center’s team is making daily decisions that keep couples at the center of the day, while also ensuring employees’, partners’, and guests’ health and safety. We’re here for you through the ups and downs of planning your wedding mid- pandemic – and we’ll keep our finger on the pulse of every event development as it pertains to government mandates and experts within the wedding industry. 

Make the biggest decision in a bit smaller version

You’d think we were talking about getting married – but that feels simple in comparison to making the decision to move forward with your plans. Whether it’s about email etiquette for guests and vendors, committing to key dates as you move ahead with your venue and vendors, or even just the mental load of navigating this emotional strenuous time, LXMPLS recommends giving yourself deadlines to make the biggest decisions:

  • Are you adjusting your event timeline?
  • Can you create a smaller event guest list? 
  • What traditional wedding events are important to you to include regardless of the pandemic? 
  • What traditional wedding events can become virtual or set aside? 
  • What does postponing mean for Save the Dates, Gift Registries, deposits, etc? 

Start with these big questions. While everything might seem unknowable, a list helps the anxiety and the size of these decisions. One at a time, work through the questions and move forward. 

Snazz up the Social Distancing Aesthetic 

If your wedding is happening in the next year (at least), it would be best to come to peace with the idea of a socially distanced wedding. We are past the time of guaranteed cancellation (thank heavens), but the precepts of socially distancing – no community sharing of food, 6 foot bubbles between guests, smaller event sizes, individual favors and wedding needs – will be here for quite a while it seems. 


Luckily there are opportunities for addressing those needs while still enhancing your overall theme and aesthetic. Let’s break it down into three primary considerations: 

Clever Social Distancing Signs 

Let’s all confess right now – we love a calligraphy sign. Any kind of personalized font work on signs or labels makes our world go around. So lean into it, friends! Not only will you need beautifully designed signs for some extra Covid-19 considerations (try Sanitation Station or Please Take a Mask), you’ll want your signs to support the work of ushers. Here are some cute ways of encouraging social distancing at your wedding and reception: 


  • Spread Love, Not Germs (Please Wear a Mask)
  • Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Please Practice Social Distancing) 
  • To Have and To Hold…from 6 feet apart (Please be mindful of personal space) 

social distance wedding

Masks that Match 

If there was an upside to this moment, it’s everyone getting to have a new accessory to coordinate into their looks – face masks. Well, couples can now choose to personalize wedding face masks and wedding guest face masks. Small touches for the wedding like this can be a point of conversation, be considered a wedding favor, and even enhance the overall vision of your wedding. You thought coordinated wedding party outfits was fun? You’re just getting started.  Other ideas include: 

  • Mr. & Mrs. – respectively on the couple’s masks 
  • The wedding hashtag – small but stylish on the lower part of the mask 
  • Established in Date – noting the date of the marriage classily on the mask 
  • Party color and fabric – whether it’s lace and rhinestones, or the color of the groom’s details, this is a great option too. 


Sanitize and Smize 

Hand sanitizer is necessary – but what you do with it is anything but basic. This is a great opportunity for a fun touch at the wedding and also needs to be a point of importance to consider with your wedding planning team. Personalized hand sanitizer, bulk hand sanitizer favors, and unique sanitizer labels provide both added hygiene to reduce the spread of disease and a cute little something for guests that more than reflects the exact moment of your micro wedding or social distance wedding. 

You can’t quarantine love 

Perhaps the greatest truth of this moment of history is that we aren’t alone in this challenge. Every single engaged couple in the world right now has been impacted, countless weddings have been postponed, and all industries are trying to figure out how to move forward right now. We want to be there for you every step of the way. While your love is forever – this pandemic isn’t. In the meantime, you don’t have to sacrifice everything.

Just microdose it… Micro weddings with big dreams. We can help you organize a perfect micro wedding with big ideas on our mind.

We have two options:

micro wedding pricing

deluxe micro wedding

Your big day in a bit smaller package with just about the right essentials. Just say ”yes”!

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