LinkedIn Local Minneapolis: The missing link for your business

LinkedIn Local Minneapolis

L/X loves hosting corporate gatherings, but many are left wondering where their networking community is. So we put together this article about how to use LinkedIn to make your network zing… Then, you can book an event with us!

LinkedIn Local: The Best Way to Get Linked Into Success

Social media has become a deeply ingrained part of nearly every American’s life. We use it to keep up with friends from college and high school, for dating, and even when looking for work and strengthening our businesses. When it comes to using social media to bolster professional prospects, nothing compares to LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn allows you to quickly and easily keep your resume up to date, write posts that demonstrate your areas of expertise and put your best digital foot forward to a company before you even walk through the door for an interview. It lets you see who has been looking at your profile. It makes it easier to do your own research into businesses that may be hiring for your dream job. There is no better platform on the internet for creating an online, professional network. 

Linkedin: A Great Online Tool for your Business

LinkedIn offers a wide range of tools to help people find your business online. Join professional groups that focus on your part of the business world. Establish networks among your peers as well as allowing you to reach out to everyone- From your former coworkers to the CEOs of major businesses and industries. You can even see where potential opportunities may come from by looking at the profiles of those who have come across your page and tailoring sections of your profile to their interests. 

LinkedIn Local

You can also fill your business’s profile with testimonials from past clients and partners. After all, even in the age of the internet, word-of-mouth still carries a great deal of weight. Recommendations about you and from you help strengthen your credibility and the image your business puts forward while deepening the connections between you and your network. They help people find you, they help people get to know you, and they help make sure people want to work with you. LinkedIn is your tool for success.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t without limitations. After all, an online network is just that—online. It can be hard to connect as strongly with someone when all you know about them is their profile, no matter how great that profile looks like. This is especially true when you’re an entrepreneur looking to bring attention to your business. That’s where LinkedIn Local Minneapolis comes in. 

Real-World Networking

A blog post about your business’s core values can tell important people a great deal about your ideas, but it has its limits. When meeting face-to-face at a networking event, you can answer questions in real-time and show your knowledge and passion for your business. That kind of in-person interaction helps you stick in the heads of potential clients, peers, and investors. LinkedIn Local meetups offer the opportunity to strengthen your online network with invaluable in-person interactions.

Linkedin Local Minneapolis

By offering a relaxed atmosphere for mingling and traditional networking and giving participants the opportunity to hear from speakers like for example Bri Seeley, author of Permission to Leap. LinkedIn Local Minneapolis creates the perfect environment to help you grow your business and your brand.

These events are especially important in Minnesota where politeness sometimes holds us back from meeting new people for fear of seeming too forward or inappropriate. LinkedIn Local provides the perfect event to ease into making new connections and fortifying the connections you already have.  

Grab the Bull by the Horns

Success is waiting for you, but it won’t wait forever. By utilizing all the tools LinkedIn and LinkedIn Local give you online and in-person, you can take your business from a fledgling idea to an established part of your community. Find the next LinkedIn Local meetup and get ready to network. It’s time to get linked into the chain of success!

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