Latest Wedding Color Trends

Latest Wedding Color Trends

Season to season, year to year, the wedding industry continues to see shifts in trends. One of the biggest trends that continues to evolve is color and this season is no different. While the classics like pastels, light pinks, and soft blues are always in, the new color trends for this upcoming season are out of this world. From bold metallics and bright colors to dark, moody tones, weddings this season will be unique and unlike any other.

Picking a color palette for your wedding can be stressful if you don’t know where to start. Our list of wedding color trends will give you a better understanding of the meaning behind each color and a couple of tips and tricks on incorporating it into your celebration. 

If you are newly engaged or had to reschedule your wedding from its original plans, the wedding colors of 2021 will inspire your big day. Take a look at what wedding color pallets are in for this next year to make your wedding on-trend.

Warm earthy hues

Warm hues are the way to go for the fall, especially for a fall wedding color palette. Colors like marigold yellow and burnt sienna highlight all of the fall wedding trends. These warm hues are very versatile and can be used in various pieces like bridesmaid dresses and table décor. 

They also don’t have to be used for the fall as they are popular year-round and can be incorporated into every season. These colors are easily incorporated into flowers as accent pieces but can also be transformed into the main color for a more bold palette.

Light Blue

Blue is one of the most classic wedding color palettes at all times, but light blue will specifically shine bright this wedding season. Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic and all of the challenges couples have overcome this past year, brighter, mood-boosting hues are becoming more and more popular. 

Dark hues will hold a lesser presence for weddings, and blues like periwinkle, cornflower, and French blue will be a popular color selection. Dark blues can be used as accent colors to really make the light blue pop. Blues make a perfect spring wedding color palette paired with pretty flowers and décor.


Another huge trend for this upcoming wedding season is metallics. Midnight blues pairing with gold metallic make an iconic combo, or sage green paired with copper always stands out. Vintage metallics are easy to incorporate and create a rustic feel like table sliders, Moscow Mule glasses, or metallic chairs. 

You don’t have to go crazy with metallics because that can often air on the tacky side, whereas being delicate with vintage metallics in little details and accents creates a beautiful shimmer to your big day. Centerpieces like candle holders, vintage bottles, and vases can easily be painted for a cost-effective metallic touch.

Moody colors

The dark and moody wedding color trend is almost always popular for the fall. The deep blues, dark hues, and midnight blacks provide a unique romantic feel. Dark, moody colors channel old Hollywood and art deco and can make your wedding day pop.


Don’t be surprised when you see green tones popping up everywhere in the 2021 wedding season. Whether it be accent green colors or an actual green color palette, green will be the color of weddings this year. 

In the past, green was used for tropical weddings, but in 2021, green will be used in a more eclectic way. Think retro vibes with matcha green, olive, and pistachio colors.


Tans and neutrals aren’t new, but we will see a lot more popularity in neutral-colored wedding dresses like sand this year. If you are looking for a more untraditional wedding dress, tan and sand colors are a perfect option while still subdued.

Bright colors

In the spirit of bringing back the old days, throwback bright colors are back in style for the 2021 wedding palettes. Bright reds, teal, fuchsia, cobalt, and yellow are the colors that make up this palette. This will definitely be the summer wedding color palette of 2021 with a combination of bright colors, resulting in bold and unique weddings.


Pastel purple hues like lavender and lilac are making a huge comeback this year as some of the most popular wedding colors for 2021. The trick with these pastel colors this year is you won’t just use one particular shade of purple and call it a day, but pair it with numerous pastel colors like bubblegum pink, yellow, and mint green. You are left with a beautiful pastel rainbow color palette that is memorable, delicate, and one of a kind.


The color yellow might surprise you with its versatility, from summer weddings on the beach to outdoor celebrations in the fall. It is vibrant and sunny and leaves a joyous, romantic feel to any wedding. It’s also not too overdone or bland. 

If you have a mostly white palette, adding a vibrant yellow can make the perfect accent color. Yellow flowers create a perfect garden-inspired feel and if you like happy feels, use citrus fruits as accents to your centerpieces.

Celebrating your day through color

Weddings can be stressful and take a lot of time to plan. However, once you have a set color palette, the rest is a breeze and can carry you through your entire planning. This upcoming wedding season will be the most fun yet as it comes post lockdown, where we can all start to feel a taste of normalcy. Let the colors you choose for your wedding dictate that and show it off. Whether it be bright, sunny yellow, or moody, midnight black, creating a wedding color palette is fun and lets you be creative. 

Your wedding color palette really tells the story and highlights the emotions and vibes you want to portray throughout your big day. Bright colors symbolize happiness and excitement, while darker colors show more romance and enchantment. Think about what you want to portray or what best matches you as a couple on your wedding day. 

Once the color palette is selected, the rest of the planning will fit right into your overall theme, making your wedding day cohesive and unique to you. Regardless of what color you choose, your wedding day will be incredible!

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