Everything You Need to Know About How to Pick a Wedding Date

how to pick a wedding date

So many weddings had to be postponed due to the unprecedented pandemic. But for couples in love, 2022 is either the year to get married or the year to get planning!

Frustrated about how to pick a wedding date? Don’t sweat! Here’s everything you need to know about setting a date for your special day.

When should you book your marriage date?

A general rule of thumb is to book your date around six months to a year in advance. However, this depends on different factors, such as where your wedding will be and how many guests you plan on having. A small, local wedding can be planned in less than six months. Conversely, a big, far-away event might take longer than a year to plan.

So, make sure there’s enough time between when you send out your save-the-date cards and when your wedding day is. This will give guests ample time to prepare for your big event.

Pro-tip! When picking a wedding date in 2022 or 2023, book it as soon as you can. This is because you’ll be competing with a high number of couples who had to postpone their wedding during the Covid pandemic.

A destination wedding

Maybe you want a tropical ceremony on the Caribbean waters of Belize or a princess castle wedding in the UK. Whatever your dream destination is, you’ll need to book it at least one year out.

A wedding date overseas requires more time for guests to get ready and save up finances. They’ll need to figure out travel arrangements and request work off, so give them as much time as you possibly can.


Your VIPs are the people whose absence would be an absolute dealbreaker. Think about anyone who you couldn’t imagine not having on your big day. When picking a wedding date, consider your VIPs’ schedules. Then, try to line up some dates when they’re all available.


In addition to considering the schedules of your loved ones, choosing your wedding date will also depend on what you have in your budget. Competition can be fierce or cool depending on the exact day or time of year your celebration occurs.

When it’s fierce

In the United States, peak wedding season runs from June through the end of September. Since demand is at its highest during this time, the prices of venues and vendors will be more expensive.

Any date that falls on a weekend will no doubt be more expensive than a Monday wedding. That said, with a weekend wedding, most of your guests won’t have to worry about taking work or school off.


Picking a wedding date on a Saturday will likely come with a hefty price tag, as it’s the most popular day to get married. Saturdays in May through October are more popular and expensive than Saturdays during the winter. This is especially true in parts of the US that get very cold during the winter months.

When it cools down

Frigid months like December through February bring lower competition for couples. And a winter wedding can be a magical event. If you want to save money for your honeymoon, try getting married in the winter. You’ll receive discounted prices and have a wider range of venues to choose from.


In March, venues and vendors experience a dip in their business. As a result, you’ll have more negotiating power when picking a wedding date during this month. March is ranked as one of the cheapest months to get married in the United States due to the lull in competition.

best time to get married

Unique wedding dates

Are you thinking about unique wedding dates in 2022? There are so many ways to choose a date that means something special to you and your partner.


While it’s tough to get guests to attend a Thanksgiving or Christmas wedding, New Year’s Eve is a popular holiday choice.

New Year’s Eve is a holiday that symbolizes new beginnings, just like a marriage! Plus, it’s already a party holiday. This means you won’t have to worry as much about people skipping out due to family obligations.

Sentimental dates

The day you get married isn’t just a mark on the calendar. It’s a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Wondering how to choose your wedding date romantically? Here are some examples of sentimental dates.

  • You and your significant other’s dating anniversary
  • The date of you and your significant other’s first kiss
  • The day you moved in together or bought your first home
  • Your birthday
  • Your parents’ anniversary
  • Your grandparents’ anniversary

Are you superstitious?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little luck on your side the day you say, “I do.” Believe it or not, many couples have a lucky number for their wedding date. Superstition is the reason why around 25,000 couples got married on 11/11/11. Compare that to only 1,700 couples who got married on the other Fridays that November.


The ancient Greeks believed a full moon wedding brought happiness and prosperity. Many folk tales support this and say tying the knot under the full moon is very lucky. This is because it symbolizes years of peace and joy for newlyweds. So, if you want a beautiful nighttime wedding that brings luck, opt for picking a wedding date when the moon is full.

Lucky dates

Many say the best day to get married is the first of any month. This is because the number one represents unity and a fresh start. The third of the month is also a good choice as it’s tied to positive vibes across ancient mysticism.

But, if you already have a lucky number– go for it! You can make your own luck and get creative by adding or subtracting your favorite numbers. This is how you can come up with a unique date you’ll remember forever.

While we’re already into the summer of 2022, there’s still so much time to pick your unique wedding date in 2023!

How to pick a wedding date based on your favorite time of year

If you’re getting overwhelmed picking a wedding date, think about what your favorite time of the year is. The time of year may affect your wedding theme, colors, and menu. Thus, deciding on the season, you’d like to get married in can help you narrow down those choices.

You should also consider what the weather is like during your favorite time of year. Sunny, bright skies bring a totally different vibe to a ceremony than snowy, crystal skies. Consider how the weather will affect the mood of your wedding, along with the style and location.

Narrow it down to a month

Once you’ve figured out what time of year you want to get married, how to pick a wedding date will become easier. There are three months in each season. So, think about what commitments you have and what the weather will be like each month. And then, choose one that best fits your preferences.


Some people consider June the best month to get married. This is because it was named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. It’s a very popular month to marry in– I mean, we’ve probably all been to a wedding in June before. So, venues will be pretty costly during this time, but you’ll likely have warm weather and sunny skies!

There are many ways to go about picking a wedding date. You can base it on competition and pricing, seasons, months, or even lucky numbers. At the end of the day, the best time to get married is whatever works for you, your partner, and your VIPs!

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