How to Choose a Wedding Ring

How to Choose a Wedding Ring

Your wedding ceremony can be over in as short as 20 minutes. But, your wedding ring lasts forever. Selecting your ring is a big commitment. As a result, it can cause many newlyweds-to-be a great amount of time and stress. So, we’ve created a guide to help make the decision easier.

Before diving into the aspects of how to choose a wedding ring, we need to clarify what this ring means.

Wedding rings and bands

Wedding rings are the steadfast symbol of love between two partners. To clear up any confusion, there’s no wedding ring vs wedding band because they’re the same thing. These two terms are used interchangeably, much like “marriage” and “matrimony.” During a wedding ceremony, each partner exchanges rings when they say, “I do.”

Whether you call it a wedding ring or a wedding band, it’s a symbol of marriage that has stood the test of time for many moons.

Wedding ring traditions

There’s no official documentation that chronicles the first exchange of wedding bands. But, most historians agree that choosing a wedding ring has been a sacred custom since ancient Egypt.

Evidence has traced wedding bands back to the Egyptian pharaohs. They were the first known people who gave rings to signify eternity. The ancient Egyptians also started the tradition of wearing the band on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because they believed that finger had a vein that directly connected to the heart. Of course, they were wrong. But today, we still deem this finger as the “ring finger” to uphold their romantic idea of eternal love.

Since the earliest days of Egypt, wedding bands have been a visible mark of marriage. Their significance can leave future newlyweds overwhelmed during the selection process.

How to choose a wedding ring

While there’s no magic bullet for picking the perfect wedding ring, there’s advice that can ease your mind.

Trust your gut

One of the best recommendations for choosing a wedding ring is to listen to your gut. Call it a hunch, an inkling, or a funny feeling– we all have instincts that guide us. When you’re browsing marriage bands, notice what strikes you and what gives you the feeling of, “Yes! That’s the one”.

If you find yourself overthinking, a great tip is to base your decision on your engagement ring.

Look at your engagement ring

Using your engagement ring as a model for what wedding band you should get is a great starting point. This is because the ring that solidified your proposal is most likely a ring you love. The style, the type of metal, and the features presumably fit your taste. So, finding a wedding band with a similar style is an easy way to narrow down your search. Plus, this will ensure both rings complement each other when worn together.

Styles of wedding rings for women

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, the styles are endless. With a wide variety available on the market, it can be tough to pin down just one. So, here are three trending types of wedding bands to help make your decision process easier.

Eternity band

The eternity band has been popular since the Swinging Sixties. Most wedding bands feature diamonds that only wrap halfway around. Yet, diamonds on eternity bands are placed around the entire ring. This results in a continuous sparkle that many brides-to-be fall in love with.

Pave wedding band

While pave rings give the look of expensive taste, they’re marketed at pretty affordable prices. Less traditional than eternity bands, pave rings consist of several tiny diamonds. These brilliant gems are set close together to create a short line of brilliance.

Wide wedding band

These rings are for the modern and trendy gal. Wide wedding bands are known for making bold statements. This is due to their increased surface area, which can showcase colorful stones, etchings, or any other custom detail you can dream of.

It’s all about the metal

Choosing a wedding ring’s precious metal is important as it defines the base personality of the ring. It can also enhance the look of any gems you place upon it. 


14k and 18k gold are popular among brides and grooms because of their durability and moderate prices. When picking out a gold wedding ring, a general rule of thumb is to avoid gold with over 75% purity. This will make the metal too soft, and thus, it may get scratch marks and lose its shine.


Silver isn’t considered practical for everyday wear. This is because it easily reveals scratches over time and requires more upkeep. But, a great perk of choosing a wedding ring that’s silver is that it’s less expensive than almost every other metal. So, if you buy a silver band, you can save any leftover finances for your honeymoon!


Platinum looks a lot like silver but is notably more pricey. It’s also a much rarer metal. A platinum wedding band is the strongest type of jewelry metal. For this reason, it’s reliable for withstanding everyday wear and tear.


Known as the modern, lightweight metal, titanium is a trending option. Many couples love how light it feels on their finger. It’s also the most hypoallergenic jewelry metal known to mankind.

The ideal wedding ring should fit like a glove


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Your wedding band should slide on like Cinderella’s slipper. Choosing a wedding ring that’s comfortable is arguably the most critical aspect of your wedding band. After all, there’s no point in getting the most gorgeous ring if it’s too irritating to wear.

So, when thinking about your marriage band, consider your lifestyle. If you work with your hands or spend most of your time outdoors, you may want to opt for a scratch-resistant metal. Likewise, a more durable band won’t bend or tarnish.

How the men’s wedding band came to be

WWII famously boosted the economy and less famously catapulted the men’s wedding ring. Before the war, only women wore marriage rings as a way to show their love and loyalty. Then, as WWII separated couples, men started wearing wedding bands to keep their loved one close. This was a poignant symbol of love, as the soldiers were unsure if they’d ever see their sweetheart again.

The notion of the men’s marriage ring outlasted the Second World War and remains a popular custom today.

How to choose a wedding band for the groom

Men have plenty of options these days when it comes to marriage bands. The only difference in choosing a wedding ring for a man vs a woman is that the man won’t have to worry about fitting the band with an engagement ring. Like the bride, men should consider their lifestyle and preferences while perusing options.

A big question that pops up for most grooms-to-be is, Does my wedding band have to match my partner’s?

Wedding rings for couples

When it comes to couple’s marriage bands, there’s no hard and fast rule that states the rings have to match. But, most couples say their rings feel more like a special, private symbol if they’re connected in some way. This said, it’s more important that each party loves the ring they have and feels it suits their tastes.

Your rings don’t need to look alike for them to feel connected to one another. If you and your partner pick different bands, you can engrave a unique message into them. This way, they’ll still feel bound to each other.

Get sentimental

Adding a touch of personalization can transform a piece of jewelry into a sacred work of art. When you buy wedding bands, you can have a special message engraved on the inside of the rings.  Most jewelers will either include the engraving in the price of the band, or add a small additional fee.

Your wedding band will last a lifetime, perhaps more than one. So, when you choose a wedding ring, remember to listen to your heart and pick the ring that speaks to you.

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