The Ultimate Honeymoon Gift Ideas

honeymoon gift ideas

Regardless of whether you are traveling to the Bahamas, the Swiss Alps, Bora Bora, or anywhere in between, there are a couple of incredible and essential honeymoon gift ideas that you as a guest or partner can give to a pair of newlyweds

We know how stressful it can be to find that perfect gift for a honeymoon, especially when there isn’t a honeymoon registry. These gift ideas provided below, however, will really resonate with both friends and family and provide a trip of a lifetime to the couple.

Honeymoon gifts for experience

To give the best honeymoon gifts, you want to focus on experiences that will make the honeymoon trip memorable. No couple will remember who got them that one random vase or bowl that sits in the back of their closet, but they will remember the incredible dinner that they shared together during their honeymoon and the wonderful family member or friend who gifted it to them. 

Accommodation and hotel upgrades

For a memorable trip and an incredible honeymoon gift idea, think about gifting your newlyweds a hotel upgrade. Moving from a standard king room to a luxurious honeymoon suite would be such a lovely surprise to come to when arriving at the hotel. There are also smaller room upgrades that you can give, like an ocean view or a room with a private pool that might not break the bank as much as a bigger room upgrade. 

Another idea under the same category could be upgrading plane tickets for your newlyweds. If you know that your newlyweds are flying a certain airline, upgrading them to first class so they can truly have a perfectly relaxing start to their honeymoon would be a great honeymoon gift idea. 

Dining experiences

Next, under the experiences category, consider a unique dining gift idea. Instead of the honeymoon gift basket, think outside the box. This gift is perfect for newlyweds who love trying new foods or are big foodies and like to treat themselves when it comes to great food. Whether it is an upscale bistro with an insane view or a world-acclaimed steakhouse, a fancy schmancy romantic dinner will be remembered forever. 

You as a family member or friend get the pleasure of having a hand in a lovely and truly one of a kind experience for some important people in your life. Another option that you might consider for a honeymoon gift idea if you already know the restaurants that your newlywed couple is planning on attending is upgrading them to a chef’s table if the restaurant offers it. This provides an even more unique experience at their choice of dining. 

Champagne toast

No perfect honeymoon is complete without a champagne toast. If you want to surprise your newlyweds with something special upon arrival to their hotel, consider gifting them a bottle of nice champagne or prosecco or having it sent to their hotel room. It is the perfect way to toast to the new marriage and make the couple feel fancy and special without over splurging. 

More active activities

While many couples love to just chill by the pool or beach on a lounge chair, many still will want to explore the region they are relaxing in. Adding a couple of can’t-miss activities for your couple will help them remember the destination they chose for their honeymoon. 

A couple of interesting ideas for activities include a sunset sail cruise, a boat ride, a ski adventure, or some kind of sight seeing extravaganza. The options are honestly endless, so have fun with choosing a honeymoon gift idea and make it personable to the couple. 

The spa

You might be thinking that a spa treatment might only be a honeymoon gift for the bride, but it truly is a great honeymoon gift idea for couples. The lead up to the wedding is extremely stressful on both parties, so why not gift the couple time to relax and restore? 

A couples’ massage, some new unique spa treatment, or a facial are all great and practical ideas for honeymooners.

Breakfast in bed

Something that is often overlooked during honeymoon planning is breakfast. It is a honeymoon, so it is the time to indulge and truly enjoy oneself. The way to do this is the honeymoon gift idea of breakfast in bed or maybe even two. 

Have the hotel arrange breakfast in bed within the coziness of the hotel room, or some hotels offer a balcony set up for breakfast, as well, when it comes to room service. This will just add the cherry on top to an already lovely vacation. 

honeymoon gifts for bride

Unique honeymoon gift ideas

If experiences aren’t really your thing, consider giving some honeymoon gift ideas that are more for practical use.

Travel gear

Since your couple is set out on a new adventure for their honeymoon, consider gifting them some handy tech gadgets, apparel, or gear to make their travel experience that much more enjoyable. The newlywed couple equipped with a full new arsenal of travel accessories will feel that much more excited for their honeymoon and remember exactly who improved their experience (you!).

Some travel gear ideas include luggage, new headphones, a camera (disposable cameras are super on trend right now), guidebooks, or anything that is related to their destination, like sunglasses for warm climates or beanies and gloves for a cold climate. 

Overlooked items

Many items are overlooked in packing for a honeymoon, whether that be a few bottles of wine or fresh flowers. These items can make a honeymoon extra special, and these are the kind of lovely gifts that can be added to a registry to make the honeymoon more personalized. 

These kinds of items are also great for the friends and family members who are on a bit of a tighter budget as they aren’t super expensive but still have a lot of meaning and make a big impact. 

Cozy gifts

For the couples who love being cozy, consider gifting some couple robes that they can wear on their honeymoon mornings together. You can even have them monogrammed for a personalized honeymoon gift, and it works perfectly as a his and hers honeymoon gift as well. 

If you want to add a little humor and make a slightly funny honeymoon gift, add some silly slippers to the mix for a great combo. This gift is also perfect to take home after the honeymoon, so it’ll always be remembered and cherished. 

More general registry gifts

If you are the bride or groom planning out your registry for your honeymoon, consider adding some more general items on there, like small towels or just general money toward the trip. This way, guests have the ability to gift any amount that they desire. 

If you are a family member or friend still at a lose for what to get the newlywed couple, consider a more general gift like a money donation so the couple can put it to good use in any way that works best for them! 

A photographer

The best way to capture a lovely honeymoon is through pictures, of course! A great and special honeymoon gift idea that will never grow old or be forgotten is a honeymoon photoshoot. This way, the couple can remember the beauty of the destination and the incredible time they shared together. 

This gift ensures that your loved ones will be able to perfectly capture the priceless memories that they share during their vacation. 

A wonderful honeymoon

There are so many fun honeymoon gift ideas to make the newlywed couple feel special. Once you figure out whether you want to give a tangible gift or more of an experience, you can create and personalize a wonderful gift to give the honeymooners that they will remember forever. 

A honeymoon isn’t just another trip, and that alone makes the honeymoon destination and the gift an extra-special one.

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