Have A Holly, Jolly Company Holiday

company Christmas Party

Have A Holly, Jolly Company Holiday 

Any successful business is going to want to blow off steam when the holidays come around. As the sprint towards the end of the calendar year comes to a close, the people you work with need a company Christmas party. Between working their tails off to get that one last sale or meet that one more goal before January and figuring out travel plans and gifts for spouses, kids, nephews, and nieces, and in-laws, they deserve a chance to relax and let loose. 

That’s why it’s important to celebrate somewhere they don’t go every day. Somewhere that doesn’t put added pressure on the members of your party planning committee. Somewhere that can tailor your party to the needs of your team. Somewhere like the Lumber Exchange in Downtown Minneapolis. By finding a venue does the heavy lifting for you, all you have to think about is your favorite holiday theme.

Find Your Theme

There are so many possible themes for your company’s holiday party. The key to a successful event is to pick one that reflects your colleague’s interests. Are they foodies? Do they like dressing up? Does your office maintain an air of goofy fun? Do you have a lot of colleagues with families? Maybe you work with people who appreciate a good drink. All of these options can lead you to a viable theme. 

christmas party drinks

Let your theme influence your drink and food menu for an unforgettable Christmas cocktail party. Are you having a winter wonderland party? A drink menu of holiday classics like boozy eggnog and hot toddies will warm your colleagues up and get everyone in the mood to socialize. Or maybe you want the food and snacks to take center stage at a party where everyone is welcome to bring their kids. A Grinch themed party can open up some majorly creative food choices from red and green cupcakes to little grape, banana, and strawberry skewers that look just like Dr. Suess’s famous Christmas thief. 


Not every party is all about food and drink, though. Sometimes the best way to bond is through the clothes you wear. A great cap to a successful year can be a red-carpet glamor-fest. Get the whole office into finery and get pictures of the whole crew looking just as good as your annual profits. Of course, it’s also hard to top the fun of an ugly sweater party. Few things help blow off the stress of the end of the year like getting everyone together to wear the literal worst clothes that anyone has ever made. 

Christmas party decorations

Your Own Little Helper


Knowing your theme is one thing, but making it happen is another. Not everyone has time to dedicate the hours necessary to put together a great company Christmas party all on their own. Santa has his elves. You could use a little helper of your own. That’s where the Lumber Exchange comes in. 

Need a menu of food and cocktails to transport your office to a winter wonderland or to Whoville? The on-site chefs and catering staff have you covered. Need a venue that oozes the right amount of class and sophistication? The Lumber Exchange has multiple spaces to fit your needs. Is planning the party getting to be overwhelming? Your connection at the Lumber Exchange can help make sure your event goes perfectly. 


Simply Have a Wonderful Christmas Time


After a long year, your holiday party should serve as a celebration of all the hard work your colleagues and coworkers have put in. By finding a quality venue and embracing the right theme to suit your office’s tastes you can make sure that the people you work with get the party they deserve. Don’t let the stress of party planning stack on top of your end-of-the-year work. Contact the Lumber Exchange and make sure that your holidays are the jolliest they’ve ever been.

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