Halloween Wedding: A Guide

halloween wedding

Cheers to the October bride who wants to take “till death do us part” to the next level. Halloween isn’t just for trick or treating, costume contests, and ghost stories. It can also be the perfect backdrop to a dramatic and elegant wedding. 

So, if you’re tying the knot close to October 31st and want to add a dash of theatrical spookiness to your special day, read on!

Why Halloween weddings are spooktacular

Aside from being totally chic yet beautifully mysterious affairs, these October ceremonies pose other benefits for newlyweds as well. The two significant advantages are that they’re inexpensive compared to traditional weddings, and they offer a great opportunity to showcase your unique style.

They don’t break the bank

Because many wedding venues are in less demand on Halloween, vendors will likely offer generous discounts and other incentives for you to book them. Likewise, in terms of the decor you use for your venue— autumn leaves, pumpkins, and fall berries are a much cheaper alternative to traditional floral arrangements. Plus, these fall arrangements are perfectly on brand for your October-inspired wedding.

It’s also worthwhile to mention that plane tickets are less expensive this time of year. So, you may be able to book your dream honeymoon without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

They foster originality

A Halloween-themed wedding is an optimal occasion for you to make a bold statement as you walk down the aisle. Because this type of wedding is already far from traditional, it exudes uniqueness at its very core. In turn, this allows you the freedom to get creative with how you want to say, “I do.”

But, just in case you’re stumped for ideas, we’ve made a rundown of a few to get your spooky, creative juices flowing.

Some creative ideas for an elegant and mystical Halloween wedding 

The key to designing this type of ceremony is striking a balance between darkness and beauty. At the end of the day, you’re not throwing a Halloween party, you’re getting married to the love of your life. So, you may not want it to be too hocus pocus with skeletons hanging from the ceiling and your officiant dressed as Freddy Krueger. Just taking a shot in the dark here, but you probably wouldn’t like your Grandma, who traveled from Idaho to feel utterly petrified as you say your vows.

To find the perfect balance between gothic and elegance, here are a few options for your inspiration as you plan your special day.

Halloween wedding invitations

Your invitations are the first glimpse your guests will get into your wedding. Thus, you want them to be on theme by invoking a feeling of spookiness and grace at the same time. A great idea is to seal your invitations with a crimson-red, wax seal stamp. Bonus points if you can get the wax to drip down the envelope!

A vintage venue

Antique influences and Halloween weddings go hand in hand. So, when you’re coming up with venue ideas for your big day, think about a Victorian-era style.

Look at venues that give you an old-world feel. One that feels mysterious, yet enticing. You’ll want a location that has a rich history and gives off a beautiful, moody energy. A few examples of venues that encompass this energy are a Victorian mansion, an elegant banquet hall with castle-esque decor, or a refurbished warehouse or barn.

A wonderfully dark color scheme

You can’t have a mystical and moody wedding without incorporating black into your color scheme. But this doesn’t mean everything has to be dark and gothic. And, regarding the holiday, you also don’t have to use a black and orange pattern. 

A good idea is to use black as the center for your color palette. Black will nicely highlight the other colors, which will create a sense of fantasy. Use elegant fall colors like burgundy, crimson, merlot, copper, and dark green. You can also add white, cream, or gold accents to bring in a little bit of light without compromising the overall tone.

Moody, festive decor 

Choosing the right decor is all about embracing a Halloween wedding theme without turning your special day into a ghoulish freak show. After all, the attention should be on YOU— not the decorations.

Pumpkins are an obvious choice for Halloween decorations— and there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, using pumpkins is the clearest way to indicate to your guests that this is a fall-inspired wedding. 

Make sure your pumpkins are consistent with your color scheme. This means that they don’t have to remain their classic orange color. You can paint them gold, cream, merlot, or any other autumn colors that belong in your palette. Consider using harvest-inspired flower arrangements as well, and maybe even string some fake cobwebs around them to showcase a subtle Halloween element.

halloween wedding food

Chic, black taper candles

Including black taper candles on the dinner tables is a must for any wedding that wants to use gothic influences. These candles are mysterious and unexpected, yet also have a refined elegance. Even when they’re not lit, they still perfectly capture a Halloween essence.

Halloween wedding cakes

This type of wedding calls for a unique cake that portrays a dark sophistication. Think about having a cake with black fondant as the backdrop and fall-colored sugar flowers placed around the layers.

Dramatic, mysterious makeup

Dramatic makeup is an alluring look that perfectly pairs with a spooky wedding. Consider having smokey eyeshadow, thick black lashes, and red or berry lipstick to complete a moody look.

A gothic, yet tasteful dress for the bride 

A Halloween wedding dress that’s black, or any other dark color, is elegant and eye-catching. But, if you don’t want to wear black on your wedding day, you can still wear a white dress while staying on theme. Simply add vintage lace or long sleeves to give off a look that’s reminiscent of Victorian wedding gowns.

Bridesmaids in colors of autumn leaves

What’s more perfect than your bridesmaids capturing all of the fall colors?! You could have them each wear the same dress in a different fall color that matches your decor’s palette. Deep purple, burnt orange, and forest green are great choices. 

A photo booth for dress-up

There’s no getting around costumes when it comes to Halloween. People will always think of costumes around this holiday. But, if you don’t want your guests showing up as vampires and witches at your Halloween wedding, consider having a photo booth with masks and costumes for guests to use.

To stay on-brand with your dark, vintage theme, you can even include classic Venetian half masks as a nod to masquerade balls.

A mystical tarot reader or psychic

Hiring a tarot reader or psychic for the reception is a great way to amplify your spooky vibes. At the same time, both of these options are more light and fun for a Halloween wedding than, say, bringing out an Ouija board.

Your beautifully spooky special day

Play around with the above options to see what resonates with your vision the best. Incorporating any one of these ideas into your plan is a surefire way to create a theatrical and mysterious flair as you stand under the altar.

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