Halloween office party: Spooky extravaganza at the Lumber Exchange

Halloween office party

Halloween office party: throw a pure fright fest(ivity) that will be remembered in your office. One that you will talk to new employees about dramatically, perhaps in front of a bonfire or with a flashlight. 

Halloween is just around the corner and it is finally time to dust off the same old costume. It is time to use those dingy decorations leftover in the supply closet. However, there might be a better way to ring in the ultimate spooky holiday that will have all your employees gushing. Bring the anticipation for the office with a Halloween party, costume contest, work trick-or-treating and spine-tingling decorations.

Halloween office party for your crew

Who said a Halloween office party has to be boring? While most days might involve sitting at your desk at work, use Halloween as the perfect excuse to get everyone moving! The Lumber Exchange offers the ideal location for throwing a Halloween dance party at one of the beautiful spaces we have to offer. Decorate Sawyer’s on 5th to replicate a spooky dance floor and throw on some Halloween hits to dance the holiday away with your coworkers. Costumes can be optional, but the fun is required.


Halloween group activities

Utilizing Halloween to grow closer as coworkers can be a great perk to the holiday and can make the festivities seem a bit more productive during your Halloween office party. So while you might have to accept that a little less work will be done on this day, there are also plenty of ways to improve morale, focus your employees, and not completely waste the day. Starting with the fun stuff, Halloween party activities involve a variety of ways to spice up the office day. The Lumber Exchange provides an excellent location for a Halloween office party to utilize the space for a variety of games and activities. For starters, create a Halloween costume contest. Let’s be honest, Halloween parties just aren’t as fun without costumes, so develop multiple categories for the contests like “best costume,” “funniest costume,” and “most creative costume.”

If you have multiple departments in the office, assign a theme for each department and see what your employees come up with, and use some kind of incentive as a sort of bribery to help get them in the spirit. Pumpkin carving and apple bobbing are also awesome to help the office bond. The spaces at the Exchange offer a large space for all your pumpkin-carving adventures and a place to replicate the apple bobbing scene from “The Office.” Using the Halloween party to schedule philanthropic events for volunteers can be an extremely productive and feel-good option for the holiday.

Think packing activities for charities or bringing in donations to donate to a nearby shelter. Not just for children, you can also encourage your employees to bring in treats to share with others, as a sort of “trick or treating” of sorts. Provide each employee with a Halloween trick or treat bag just for kicks.


Spooky desserts for your Halloween office party

Halloween deserts

Speaking of dessert, finger food can get a completely new meaning. 

Dessert is crucial at any Halloween event, especially at an office party. No dessert equals angry employees, that’s a given. To avoid any upset coworkers, here are a few ideas of desserts to bring in for your Halloween office party:

  • Caramel apples: These are a fall and Halloween classic, you can’t possibly go wrong. 
  • Spooky ghost cookies: Cute and simple, these cookies are sure to disappear in the blink of an eye.
  • Halloween candy bark: This white chocolate bark is probably the most simple from-scratch Halloween treat you can make.
  • Apple pie: Add a Jack Skellington-inspired grin and turn this classic into a wicked dessert.
  • Cobweb Brownies: A super-easy way to dress up a brownie in its own Halloween costume.

With these cute and simple DIY desserts, some less-sugary options might be useful. The Lumber Exchange offers a wide variety of food choices to satisfy your employees. We are more than happy to work with you to create a personalized menu for your special spooky occasion.

Halloween party decoration ideas

Keep it classy and don’t go over the top – no one wants to be a Carrie at the party.

Plastic spiders, synthetic cobwebs, and craft pumpkins are necessities for creating creepy office holiday decor. Using caution tape and webbing to drape around the space will bring everything together. While you don’t want to go crazy with the decor, using props that are easy to put up and take down is key to avoid long hours of clean up. At the Lumber Exchange, the spaces are meant to be decorated.

With exposed brick at Sawyer’s on 5th and Dylan’s, the place is practically screaming and begging for some fake cobwebs and a killer Halloween office party. Set up and clean up is especially easy at our venue as we will assist with anything you need. Besides, it is much easier to decorate a venue rather than a cubicle. Don’t let a small space hold back your creativity. 


Appropriate work Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is the best time to go crazy and be someone new. However, it is an office party so it’s probably best to tone it down just a bit. You want to keep it classy and funny, rather than sexy and sleazy. Don’t go over the top with the risque costumes. Here are some funny, safe, and, more importantly, HR-approved Halloween office party costume ideas: 

  • Superheroes: Always a fun and easy costume Spice things up a bit with the office “hero” reenactment.
  • The classics: Vampires, Cats, and Mimes are all safe from being considered too risky. Just don’t throw too many of your own “spins” on the costumes.
  • Group costumes: Be creative with your favorite coworkers or your department. Fruit salad, dominoes, The Grand Budapest Hotel? The options are endless.


Now you know how to throw the ultimate Halloween Office Party with activity, dessert, decor, and costume ideas, all HR-approved. The Lumber Exchange can make your planning that much easier with its grand spaces that are just begging to be decorated… And, of course, Halloween-enhanced. We will assist in all your idea building and take care of anything needed to ensure your Halloween office party is a killer hit. 

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