Day-of Wedding Coordinator: Is It a Good Choice for Your Minneapolis Wedding?

day of wedding coordinator minneapolis

You’ve dreamt of this day. You’ve thought about it, planned it, and written more lists than even Santa Claus. Checked them more than twice no doubt too. As your big day draws near there is one thing you want to make sure you do over anything else–enjoy it!

That can be easier said than done. How can you ensure that this all-important day goes off without a hitch, but you don’t get so caught up in doing the wedding that you forget to enjoy it? The answer is the day-of wedding coordinator. Minneapolis is filled with venues and vendors to bring your dream wedding to life. It also sports some top-notch help that can take the pressure off and free you up to enjoy this special day with your soon-to-be spouse and your guests. 

What Is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

The last thing you want to do is worry about executing the details of your wedding when you should be taking in the moments with your wedding guests. A day-of wedding coordinator is a vendor you hire to take away the stress of managing your wedding on the big day and they are often hired about 1-2 months before the wedding date. A day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis has experience in the local wedding scene and can make sure your Minneapolis wedding goes to plan.

A day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis can:

  • Work with your Minneapolis venue to bring all the logistics together on the day
  • Oversee Minneapolis vendors and deliveries
  • Overcome day-of issues that may arise
  • Manage the wedding timeline and last-minute details
  • Keep things on track and running smoothly

Most importantly, your day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis is there to take the stress of executing this all-important event away from you–the happy couple. This way, you are free to enjoy your Minneapolis wedding with your families and friends rather than worry about putting on the perfect celebration.

Wedding Planner Vs Day-of Coordinator

Terms like wedding coordinator and wedding planner get thrown around a lot, which may make you wonder what the difference is. Let’s clear up any confusion and take a look at the wedding coordinator vs wedding planner

Wedding Planner

The wedding planner is an expert who works with the couple during the whole wedding planning process, from research to decision-making to booking. The engaged couple hires the planner from the beginning to design, curate and envision how the wedding will be. The planner assists with everything from the style, colors, flowers, and food to the location, layout, photos, and music. Then, they work to book the venue, caterer, DJ, band, stylist, floral designer, photographer, and any other vendor needed to bring the wedding plan to life. The wedding planner also helps manage the wedding budget and make sure everything is ready in time for the big day. 

Some couples opt to do the wedding planning themselves and do not hire an outside expert. 

Wedding Coordinator

The day-of wedding coordinator is not involved with the original wedding planning process. Their expertise lies in making sure what has been planned unfolds as envisioned on the big day. The wedding coordinator does not work with the floral designer to design the perfect bride’s bouquet, but they do make sure it is delivered on time and the bride is holding it to walk down the aisle. 

 A full-service, professional wedding planner often will take on the role of a wedding coordinator on the day of the wedding as a usually provided service. If you are doing the wedding planning yourself, however, hiring a day-of wedding coordinator can be very helpful. It can make it possible for you to put your full focus on getting married and celebrating your special day. Exactly where your focus should be! 

exactly what a wedding day should be

How important is a day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis?

Hiring a wedding coordinator can help make your wedding as stress-free as possible. The responsibilities of a day-of coordinator can vary according to the type of wedding you have planned, but having your wedding run smoothly is always going to be a priority. 

If you have planned your Minneapolis wedding yourself, it can be a great idea to hire a day-of wedding coordinator. Minneapolis coordinators most likely have experience working with the venue you have booked or with the many vendors you have hired. Their local expertise can be invaluable. A day-of coordinator in Minneapolis can help make sure you have not overlooked any important details and then oversee a flawless execution of what you have spent hours and hours planning. 

What does a day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis do?

A day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis can finalize and coordinate your day-of wedding checklist, check in with your Minneapolis wedding vendors, and keep everything on track as the day of your Minneapolis wedding draws near. Then, when the day arrives and your wedding unfolds in your Minneapolis wedding venue, your Minneapolis wedding coordinator is there to make sure it unfolds the way it is meant to.

Through a set of responsibilities designed to manage the implementation of your wedding, the day-of coordinator focuses on making sure there are no gaps in the plans you have made, executes the details of the plan, and makes sure the plan runs smoothly.

Before the wedding date, this list of duties can include a review of:

  • The details of vendor contracts
  • Venue set-up, seating chart, and any change-over plans
  • The wedding timeline
  • Planning details
  • Vendor confirmation details, including delivery times

The review of these elements allows the wedding coordinator to identify gaps in your planning and solve any potential issues before the wedding date.

On the day of the wedding, the responsibilities of your wedding coordinator kick into high gear. These duties cover the handling of logistics, vendors, venue set-up, rental and product delivery, and conducting everything to run on time. For example, if there are 180 guests, there are 180 chairs. And not only that, these chairs are set up before your wedding guests arrive. 

Managing your Wedding Timeline

Timing can be stressful. This is why your day-of wedding coordinator keeps a detailed timeline for the day and orchestrates everyone to stick to it. This includes the couple’s family, vendors, and even the couple. Is hair and makeup or photos taking too long? Is someone running late? Your day-of coordinator is the expert on moving these things along or smoothly executing an impromptu rearrangement if need be, without anyone being the wiser.

Vendor Go-To Guru

The last thing you want to do at your wedding is field a ton of questions. The day-of coordinator is the primary point of contact for vendors, taking this off your plate completely. They make sure any rentals or products are delivered and set up on time and oversee vendors to make sure everything is done how it was contracted to be done. All you have to do is enjoy what you hired the vendors to create. It’s why you hired them in the first place. 

Day-Of Problem Solver

Problems and issues arise. You can’t always avoid them happening, but with a day-of wedding coordinator, you can avoid having to deal with them. A coordinator’s expertise falls smack dab in troubleshooting and problem-solving. Did the bar run out of gin? Were the flowers not delivered as promised? Have the rings been misplaced? Is the photographer stuck in traffic? The coordinator is there to take on these issues during the execution of your big day and to figure out how to solve them, so you don’t have to. You might not even know any issue happened at all.

The Cost: Day-of Wedding Coordinator Minneapolis

If you are planning a Minneapolis wedding and thinking of hiring a wedding coordinator, you are probably asking, “How much is a day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis?” The day-of coordinator price can vary according to the size of your wedding, the venue or venues, the full wedding timeline, and how much needs to be coordinated. The day-of wedding coordinator average cost is about one-quarter of the cost of a full wedding planner. If you are planning your Minneapolis wedding yourself, the cost of a day-of wedding coordinator in Minneapolis can buy your peace of mind.

 You’ve dreamt of this day, and you and your soon-to-be spouse deserve to celebrate it to the fullest with your family and friends. It is a day to remember. The best way to remember it is with less stress and more joy.

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