I Do, part deux…Cherish every moment, explore our vow renewal ideas

vow renewal

There are all kinds of reasons to renew your wedding vows: achieving a big anniversary in your marriage, overcoming and recommitting to your partnership, wanting to include your children in a celebratory event, or maybe just so you can really soak it all in this time. Whatever your reason, we invite you to experience the magic of your wedding again here at the Lumber Exchange Event Center. Below we will answer some of your questions about Vow Renewal Celebrations. 


Why so many couples are starting to celebrate vow renewals…


Renewing vows can make couples feel remarkably close after a long period of normal life and milestones lived together. When the spark has turned into a moderate buzz, many couples look to create an event that will remind them of the fresh parts of their love story and help them discover something new in their future. 

Vow for your husband and vow for your wife…


Another reason many couples decide to renew their vows is that their lives and circumstances have changed so much that they can actually have their dream wedding the second time. Maybe it was a quick wedding, a bare minimum wedding, or maybe there were certain parts of your first wedding day that you’d like to forget entirely. A Wedding Vow Renewal at year 5, 10, 15, 25, or whenever gets to help right the narrative of your love story. 


There is yet another reason that some couples choose to celebrate their union all over again: they have overcome a difficult time in their marriage, maybe even one that made them question staying together, and they are publically re-declaring commitment and love to each other. 


It may seem illogical that a ceremony like this would move us so, but studies have shown that rituals work. “While there has been a move away from religious ceremonies, people still need ritual to mark major points in their life,” says Dally Messenger, one of Australia’s first civil celebrants, and author of the book, Ceremonies and Celebrations.

“Ceremonies are an expression of culture,” he adds, “mechanisms which express and generate love, forge and declare the bond between individuals, and establish and identify community.”

Where couples are having their sequel ceremonies… Vow renewal ideas

Really the sky’s the limit, but you can use a house of worship, a special place at your favorite lake, your family’s home, or do a destination vacation vow renewal. For many, they choose a place that has a sentimental meaning to the couple. For others, a fresh site for a fresh chapter! 


There’s no perfect time or place, but we of course are a little biased. Have it here

If you opt for a larger event, use The Fountain Room. 

Classy and stylish smaller event- use Dylan’s Event Space. 

For a casual gathering with a reception vibe, try the River Room. 

Wedding vow sunset soiree: choose Sawyers on Fifth event space. 


Our staff sensitively navigates the world of wedding vow renewals and innovatively sees to your wishes as you find the perfect celebration for this moment. Our large and multifaceted venues allow us to host many kinds of events and celebrations for groups of all sizes. If you have a vision for your event, we will make it a reality. Through the variation of spaces available for your day to the customizable menus we provide, we get that while you can never relive your wedding day again, you can create a new memory for your marriage that your entire village can share in. 

An ideal wedding vow renewal venue

Couples have their own unique history to combine into this event. There are definite perks to planning a wedding the second time…you get to skip a lot of steps! Here are some of our favorite details you can cross off your list of having to decide: 

  1. Who officiates? It’s so hard to book a clergy person and figure out the transitional phase of ceremony to reception. Well, this time, you can truly choose anyone to officiate. You’re already legally married and don’t require a person of certain credentials. Who has been an important and wise person in your life as a couple? That’s a good place to start when choosing an officiant. 
  2. Ah, the drama of the wedding party and those matching outfits… Skip it altogether! Or if you have had children, invite them to participate in your ceremony by standing with you. Or ask just one important person to stand up for you informally. No need to spend time and energy on choosing outfits that compliment every member in the wedding. 
  3. Gift Registry and Shower Madness… Your wedding vow renewal is not the time to upgrade your personal kitchen collection or flatware. Skip gifts altogether. Don’t worry about coordinating showers or bachelorette parties. If guests insist on gifting you, suggest a charity your family believes in and have them donate in your name. 


All in all, a wedding vow renewal should be just as unique and special as the relationship it celebrates. As time passes, it can feel like there aren’t as many things to look forward to. But that’s just not true. Life evolves and so too should celebrations. Reunite your friends and family to celebrate the next chapter of your marriage.

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