Valentine’s Day Themed Wedding

Valentine's day wedding

Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspiration

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and your wedding will celebrate your love, so why not pair the two occasions to create an extra-special event? If you are booking your big day directly on the holiday or simply throwing a Valentine’s Day-themed wedding, there are plenty of ways to truly maximize the romance and incorporate a bit of the celebration. 


Think Romantic

Valentine's day themed wedding

When planning Valentine’s Day wedding, look to the things that are associated with February 14th but maintain a mature and classy feel. Brainstorm how they can be incorporated into your celebration without the cheesiness factor. One of the easiest ways to do this is by working with a themed Valentine’s Day wedding color scheme, maybe centered around red, pink, or even both! Then, choosing accents like flowers, stationery, and other elements that fit your shades. In addition to the festive hues, you can incorporate some tasteful thematic motifs. While hearts are an obvious option, there are other symbols and shapes like the letters X and O that you can play around with as well. You can also turn to romance-related characters or well-known tales of love to accentuate your own love story. 

To help you plan Valentine’s Day themed wedding, we’ve put together a few key touches that will really transform your wedding into a romantic fête, we have a hunch that you will fall for at least one. 

Valentine's day wedding colors

Picking a Setting

As February lingers in the colder times of the year, choosing an inside location is most preferable. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for boring decor or setting. Choose a space that will allow you to decorate for a romantic dinner and really set the mood for a late evening ceremony. Think soft lighting, candles, fabrics, flowers, and delicate details. Create cozy spots for guests throughout the reception space with faux fur pillows and throws. Display photos of your guests from their own wedding days to honor their own love stories. 

Valentine's day wedding flowers

Details in the Decorations

As mentioned, what really makes a space romantic are the little details that you can incorporate into your wedding. Valentine’s wedding day decor does not have to be tacky. Keep it classic with candles and flowers. Candles always set a romantic vibe, but they are especially pretty when they are styled in a unique way like floating on water or creating a fireplace illusion. Balloon letters would be cute photo props and would spice up the inside space. Using your table decorations to enhance Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to not go over the top. A creative idea could be setting kiss themed table labels, spelling the word “kiss” in different languages for each table. Otherwise, playing with the color of stationary, like pretty-in-pink with gold accents, would add a small but noticed touch to any table. Incorporating Cupid into designs is tricky when avoiding cheesiness, but an arrow-and-target decor piece can double as a seating display chart and honor cupid and his bow.

Valentine's day wedding ideas

Focus on the Flowers

Flowers can truly make or break Valentine’s Day wedding. You can indulge in the color scheme with your flowers as many come in the colors pink and red. A bouquet in the color pink is easy to achieve and to amplify the wow factor, arrange your blooms in an ombre effect. While roses are the most popular choice on Valentine’s Day, other blooms can be just as romantic and stylish. For a rich contrast, mix deep reds into your bouquets and centerpieces, using Amaryllis, calla lilies, dahlias, and anemones. If you’re on a tight budget, because let’s be honest, flowers can get crazy expensive, experiment with non-floral elements like foliage, feathers, and cotton. Bright red peonies can be used as centerpieces in geometric vases for a stand out Valentine’s Day accent to the table. 

Valentine's day wedding cheesecake

Drinks and Dessert

When it’s Valentine’s Day, pink food is highly admired. Develop a signature cocktail like a pink cosmopolitan or champagne with strawberries and gold flakes to boost the romance factor. Guests can sip on festively-hued cocktails thanks to popular ingredients like grenadine and accents of red garnishes like raspberries, strawberries or cherries make all cocktails that much more Valentine’s themed. Pink macarons nod to Valentine’s Day in two ways—their color, and the dessert’s popularity in Paris, France, a.k.a. the city of love and think about switching the traditional bar snacks for Valentine’s candy, we guarantee it’ll be a hit. Serve decadent desserts like chocolate or cheesecakes drizzled with raspberry syrup or chocolate-dipped fruits. For your wedding cake, a brushstroke pink and red cake or a graphic heart pattern embossed into white fondant would be stunning. 

Valentine's day wedding desserts

Special touches

The little story you weave throughout the night will be the most memorable for you and your guests. Incorporate your love story or loan a famous one. Pay homage to the legendary wedding looks like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. On Valentine’s Day, an old-fashioned look is always romantic. If you’d rather show your mushy side only to your partner and not to your entire guest list, add romantic details to more private elements of your wedding day like the ring box or a subtle pin that only you and your partner know the meaning of. Lastly, don’t forget about the music. It’s more than likely that your first dance will be to a love song, but keep the mood romantic the rest of the night. Ask guests to proclaim their favorite love songs on their RSVP cards and have them ready to go in the playlist. It will be a lovely way to help your guests relive some of their favorite romantic memories with you. 

Valentine's day wedding decorations

Romance at the Lumber Exchange

Celebrating your wedding on a day dedicated to love is beyond romantic and incorporating a few of these small details will make your big day that much more memorable. Even if you’re not getting married on Valentine’s Day, consider incorporating some of these touches for a truly inspiring day. At The Lumber Exchange, we believe in making our client’s dreams come true, so come and celebrate your special day with us, we promise it will be one for the romance books. 


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