Connect on another level- Events that Move

We all have different goals, different paths, and different amounts of skin in the game. But one thing is constant – the human desire to connect.

Connect with each other, connect with ourselves.

This past weekend, the Lumber Exchange hosted a community-wide workout celebrating The Center for Movement’s second year of business and saw our vast, historic space brought to a new potential.

Utilizing the high ceilings, open space, smooth hardwood floors, and whimsical swing lighting of The Fountain Room.  We heard folks talk and post about their experience: ”Wow, what an event!”, ” I’ll never forget being here for this class for the rest of my life,”. Or “An amazing setting for an amazing celebration, “ and “Being in a place like this made me feel I was a part of something bigger.”


Unique fitness events are trending around the globe

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean dragging yourself to the gym. And get ready for another boring circuit workout or 45 excruciating minutes on the treadmill. In fact, fitness doesn’t have to ever connote the term “excruciating” — if you know where to look to add a unique element to your routine.

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of themed fitness-focused events and trends that emphasize the fun part of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

From organized yoga sessions that feature glowing lights and end in all-night dance parties, to sober morning raves to get your heart racing before a day at your desk job, below are a few ideas of how you can use our flexible spaces for your community-building health and fitness event.


Spinning in the River Room

The spin revolution is spreading. What was once a trend primarily in big cities in the U.S. and Europe has now gone global. Today, spin studios and classes with a focus on everything from competition too intense cardio are popping up all over the planet. Choose the River Room with its original windows and hardwood floors. Natural light will support your cyclers while your curated playlist of favorite jams stress positive energy and improving overall fitness, cardio and body strength.

unique fitness events


Boutique Fitness in Sawyers on 5th

As boutique fitness becomes more popular and continues to prove its staying power, large scale health and wellness event planning is on the rise.  Blurring the lines between social circle and fitness community, we think that Sawyers would be a perfect site for many focused fitness styles. The design of Sawyers on 5th radiates rustic elegance with exposed brick columns. Its west-facing windows create a picturesque view of the sun setting on downtown Minneapolis. This space features original bankers safe and stunning original stone window sill. It accommodates 250 people and has great energy. We can focus the event to your clientele with as much detail as you do for their fitness. So let’s start making a plan!


Sunrise Yoga in Dylan’s

In the US, there are more than 1,000 festivals celebrating wellness. With the success of festivals like Wanderlust and SeaWheeze, it’s clear that people like to be together to make progress toward their wellness goals. We can hear the deep breaths of pranayama in a large scale yoga practice at Dylan’s as the sun rises with your participants in variations of Warrior pose. Talk about holistic approaches to wellness! Yogis will appreciate the gathering place as well as space to truly enjoy a rigorous and clarifying class.

Furthermore, the need for tribal gatherings is not going away.  Whether it’s at your yoga class or a boutique fitness class, there’s a desire to gather with large groups of people. Giving people a tangible experience is something that resonates with them. It connects their feelings to what you bring to their lives. Finally, reach out to us soon and let’s decide which vibe will bring your tribe.


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