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The traditional white wedding dress will always stay in style. It’s a classic. But we admire the brides who step outside of the typical traditional route and go with something other than a white wedding dress. Non traditional wedding dresses always make a statement, and if done right, make your entire wedding memorable

Whether it’s a different color, “out there” style, or an ode to a specific meaning, alternative wedding dresses really make a bride stand out. Unique styles of alternative wedding dresses have become more and more popular every year as brides look to let their personalities and personal styles shine. 

How can you switch up the traditional white wedding dress? This article will walk you through the many other options.


History of wedding dresses

So what started the white wedding dress tradition? Well, the tradition started way back in the 1800s with Queen Victoria’s marriage. She wore a long white satin gown that was trimmed with white lace. Since white was viewed as an impractical color due to its ability to dirty quickly, white wedding dresses were only available to wealthy families. Wedding dress styles today come in all shapes and styles, but Queen Victoria set the trend for the white wedding dress. 

Today, it is meant to symbolize joy on a wedding day. But why should it really matter what color a bride’s dress is if she is happy? Here are a couple of ways to wear non traditional wedding dresses and really stand out!


Alternative wedding dresses

Instead of the traditional white dress, there are plenty of different options to spice up your wedding attire for the modern bride. 

First, you could always opt for a jumpsuit instead of a dress. Choosing a jumpsuit as your wedding outfit makes sure that you will be comfortable throughout the night and can bust a move on the dance floor. If you are getting married in an outdoor space or plan to move around a lot during your wedding day, a chic jumpsuit might be a great alternative to a wedding gown.

Another alternative is a two-piece set. Whether that be adding a jacket or doing a skirt and top combination, you can create something entirely your own. By adding a different element to your wedding outfit, it’ll really make you stand out. Plus, it can bring additional comfort to your wedding day by incorporating multiple pieces.

A great way to create a unique wedding dress is to design it yourself. A popular option that recently came into trend is designing your own wedding dress. While it may seem expensive, working with local designers or seamstresses can actually be more cost-effective. Plus, you will have a wedding look like no other.


Colored wedding dresses

Non traditional wedding dresses with color are also becoming more and more popular. You don’t have to wear white on your wedding day. There are no rules! If you want to be bold, go with a colored wedding dress. By adding color to your dress, you can incorporate the rest of your wedding day theme and even show your personality through the color you select. 

Different color wedding dresses can mean different things like seasons, moods, and representations. For example, fall color wedding dresses could come in dark reds or oranges, even tan or muted colors to highlight the change in season and the coziness. A wine color dress for a wedding would be perfect for the fall season and create a more enchanting look than the traditional stark white. Summer wedding dresses in color could be light pinks or baby blues to celebrate the warmth and liveliness in the air. Even brighter colors like fuchsia or extravagant royal blue would look incredible against lighter flowers and décor, putting a contrast on a traditional wedding ceremony.

If you want to stick to colors closer to white, going with a champagne color wedding dress would be a great option. It looks beautiful on all skin tones, doesn’t stray too far away from the traditional white, but looks more expensive and glamorous than a plain white dress. A champagne-colored wedding dress or cream color dress would be perfect for an art deco-style wedding or high glamour wedding.

Wedding dress color meanings can play a significant role in setting the mood for a wedding. A black wedding dress sets a serious tone and makes the day very dramatic, whereas a lighter color can create a breezier feel. It really depends on what kind of personality you hope to achieve for your wedding. Whether or not your dress is in a bold color or holds some unique subtle details, try matching your dress with the aesthetic of your ceremony or reception.


Wedding dress rental

If you are looking to save some money on your wedding day or would prefer to spend your money elsewhere, consider renting your wedding dress. Wedding dress rentals are a lot more popular than mainstream media makes it seem. You can achieve a beautiful dress on a budget and can even get a more luxurious dress by renting. 

By renting your dress, you will save money on a dress that you will only wear once in your life. Many higher-end retailers offer some way of renting your dream dress. If you are careful throughout your wedding day, renting might just be the best option for you.


Other ways to stand out

You don’t have to completely reimagine the traditional wedding dress to stand out. You can still wear a white dress or a classic silhouette, but add additional elements that will make your wedding day look unique. Some elements to consider are lace, beading, or your veil. Adding sentimental elements like a brooch or flower representing something meaningful to your love or family will create an effortless, unique look. Intricate beading or lacing can take a standard dress to a beautiful one that is unlike any other. Many brides purchase standard dresses and work with a seamstress to create their own designs with beading and lace. 

The silhouette of your wedding dress can also make you stand out. Going for a shorter dress, adding a belt, or even going for a sheath gown creates an interesting concept that isn’t very common in the wedding dress world. There are many ways to change up the silhouette of the traditional dress these days. For example, an open back or more exposed dress can fit a more high-glamour bride. Glitter, puffy sleeves, and flashy details are all what can make a dress stand out. Find inspiration from the runways as fashion designers go all out during fashion weeks. Then, search for dresses that match those concepts or ways to implement your own details and accessories to create a similar look. Mini dresses and jumpsuits are perfect for the bride that wants to party and dance all night, whereas the more chic and conservative look will be for the traditional, modern bride. 


Why non-traditional?

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique and special to them, but many brides overlook the endless possibilities with their wedding dresses. Your wedding dress can be a symbol of your personality, the aesthetic of your wedding, or what you want your wedding to mean. 

There are so many styles, cuts, and colors that you can achieve when you broaden your horizon of wedding designs. Make sure you own it! You can pull off any dress that you want to wear on your wedding day if you have the confidence to back it up. By truly loving your dress and radiating love and happiness, everyone will love it too.  


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