So you’re engaged – now what? Planning a wedding for the Non- Planner

wedding planning

Wedding planning from scratch – even if you are not a wedding expert, you will become one by the end of this article. For all Minnesota brides-to-be, here is a cheat sheet for a perfect day. With our expert tips, the entire planning process will run as smoothly as possible. Event planning is our specialty and we will show you some hacks that will save you money on a wedding planner. 

Time to become a skillful event planner… Wedding planning mode on!


First off, let’s break it down – saying  ‘’yes’’ was the easiest part. We know It was a very touching and special moment that you shared with your significant other. So many immense emotions and feeling like you are on top of the world, and the best is yet to come! You get to say ‘’yes’’ once again but this time it will be “I do.”  But first, you have the entire epic journey ahead of you, filled with tears of joy, drama queen moments, task mastering, and more details than you can anticipate. We want you to remember the whole process joyfully for the rest of your life. These moments are forever.

Yes, you need to celebrate your engagement but don’t get too carried away…focus on organizing each important aspect of your big day, one at a time. If you want to keep everything in control (and within your budget) maybe it’s the best idea to organize it all by yourself as a couple. Be your own wedding planner and your own event manager. Be an empowered Minneapolis couple. If you are a perfectionist and you have a beautiful image in your head of the big day, we will help you bring that picture to life. Combine your creativity with your organization skills, add our spaces and our expertise, and you will soon be living your own fairytale.

So we hope that you like spreadsheets, wedding planning apps, and online research. You have a great attitude and it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get things done.

First and foremost… Wedding budget! Then the rest of the wedding planning


know that it is extremely easy to get carried away with everything. You need to have each separate detail in place. Determine your budget first so you can know where to start in the scope and scale of your wedding. We know that while you may want everything straight from Pinterest and every moment as perfect as Instagram, reality might say something different. Where did all the money go? Why don’t I have everything I want? So be realistic and avoid the Pinterest traps. Prioritize the details that really matter.


Communication is key! So talk to your family, friends and most importantly, your significant other. You need to know all the expectations – which traditions you want to include in your wedding ceremony and which aspects you can forego. Also, check if you can count on family contributions – this can be tricky and awkward to determine but as we mentioned before – communication is key. After your budget is set, it is time to choose your most important wedding essentials as well as the wedding theme & tone.

It should reflect who you are, your relationship, and both you and your fiance’s personalities. Rustic chic, elegant & classy, boho… it is up to you to choose. Forget about trends – authentic is always the style that will last. Let your big day be a perfect reflection of your love – past, present, and future – a celebration of your love and amazing relationship. 

Wedding venue – If the sky’s the limit, think about space



Space is another important aspect of your wedding… once you find an amazing space for your wedding, almost half of the work is done. First of all, we recommend reserving a place at least a year in advance. Choose a versatile space, where your dreams could resonate in the most amazing way possible. You will give life to those spaces for a day and you need to feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful. Above all, think about your guest list. Are you more of a private wedding where you can talk and have fun with all the guests? Or you do want your own Big fat (greek) wedding with 300 guests where the fun never stops? You know your style- so, create your guest list wisely. You know who you want in attendance to support this amazing moment when two souls become one. Once you are done with a guest count, move onto your wedding theme. 


Say yes! To us, first


We can offer different solutions for every type of wedding. Based on your budget and your wishes we can make an offer that you simply can’t refuse. (You will say ‘’yes’’ to us also.) We can offer various stunningly beautiful spaces. Versatile rooms for signature weddings is what we are known for. Rooms at L/X are designed to provide pure excellence. Wedding guests will talk about it long after your 10th anniversary. Everything will be arranged according to your wishes and wedding theme through our flexible space and seating. 

L/X takes care of every aspect of your wedding. We have private bridal and groom suites where we will supply you with all the important essentials for your big day. Essentials include enough champagne, space, and time for wedding party preparation, tasty bites here and there, and an atmosphere that will have you relaxed and ready for your big day.

Wedding essentials

As a little girl, you probably imagined yourself wearing the most gorgeous wedding gown. The gown everybody will talk about. Satin, chiffon, lace, beads, and pearls, maybe a long veil and adoring flower girls. Every bride deserves to feel like a queen on her big day. So it’s time to find it! Our recommendation is to let go of expectations. You may have dreamed of a Cinderella dress your entire life, but maybe a sexy siren dress emerges as your new personal favorite. Who knows? You’re the bride! Feel beautiful and make your own choice. Just avoid last-minute panic and start with the search for your dream dress months ahead of time.



Invitations and signing up for a gift registry are steps to take after you’ve determined 1) the date, 2) space, 3) the dress, 4) the photographer, and 5) the florists. Don’t worry about how it will look to your guests, you just want to keep things tidy and to show them which gifts you and your finance could really use. Invitations should suit the wedding theme. You will choose if you will go the DIY route or if you will let another creative do the work. Again, your call. You do the wedding planning in the end. And both are great choices. 

Another essential that is perhaps most crucial – your friends. Assemble your own team of super friends and make sure to tell them right away what you expect. Include them in the entire organization. Together you can choose dresses, determine the details that will match the wedding theme, and even try exciting flavors of wedding cakes. (The cake should also be on your list of priorities!)

You can leave makeup artist and hairdresser for later – this can be resolved within a month before the wedding (if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises ).

Sweet, sweet treats…

When it comes to foods and drinks – first inform the caterer about any potential allergies for your guests and ask to provide enough vegetarian or vegan options for your wedding dinner. It is always an incredible thing to hire a private chef that will create a custom menu for you and your guests. It will keep you energized for the dance floor!

By the way, since we just mentioned a dance floor, why not hire a band or a DJ (or both) for your wedding day? Check on availability for your favorites and make sure to let them know which song you and your fiance want for your first dance. Everyone will enjoy the party and find a perfect balance of dance and party within your DJ’s music genres.

And most importantly…

It is your big day and YOU SHOULD ENJOY IT! All the details will be set in perfect harmony. If something goes wrong – your people will solve those problems, so don’t lose your cool. Dance, enjoy your fairytale, and most importantly – say yes! Be proud that you made everything work out in the end. You know that you can always consult us at L/X and your team when comes to the wedding planning.  We already won the couple’s choice award, just saying. We are here to provide everything – space, flexible seating options, tasty food, and of course – an amazing experience you and your fiance will never forget.

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