Romantic Alternatives if You Can’t Afford a Honeymoon

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We get it, honeymoons are very expensive. Whether you are frantically searching “small wedding venues near me” or trying to locate the cheapest vacation possible, weddings and everything that comes with them are a lot. These days, the all-inclusive day after the wedding, traditional honeymoon is no longer the norm for modern wedding planning. In fact, the names have changed to staycations, later-moons, and even mini-moons. 

There are a lot of different expenses that can get in the way of saving for your honeymoon, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still have the honeymoon vibe after your wedding. Small wedding venues can even be a great place to hold your mini honeymoon. 

The honeymoon phase should not only be reserved for couples that go on vacation right after their wedding day. If you are looking for a honeymoon on a budget, we put together some romantic alternatives that can be done without breaking the bank but still giving that honeymoon feel.

Excitement about the post-wedding

The best way to cure the honeymoon sadness is to create excitement about coming home after your wedding day. Spend time using your new registry to add to your home and blend both your design styles. 

Add those final décor touches to your home that make the space feel comfortable and inviting, and add those registry items that will excite you about coming home. This will not only make a great home, but it will seem like a new home that will already feel like a sweet little vacation.

Road trip

If you are looking for a cheap but fun getaway, rent your favorite car and go for a weekend road trip. This will be a unique experience, and you can customize it to exactly what you want. 

Just driving and catching up on thoughts and feelings from your wedding will be relaxing and bring the both of you closer together. Pulling into a Bed and Breakfast a couple of hours away or choosing a spot for a picnic will be calm and a great getaway. This would be a perfect getaway if you choose a small wedding venue near you. 

Staying where you got married

Something that is becoming more and more popular is staying at the venue or location you got married for an extra few days without breaking the wedding budget. If you are holding a smaller party in a different state or country, you can extend your stay and enjoy the location. If you are searching “small wedding venues near me,” expand the search and take a look at hidden gems around that location. 

Even if the venue isn’t super far from where you live, you can still find hidden gems, dining, or just going for a long walk to take in the scenery.

Take a tour

A honeymoon is not about taking a big trip. It is about having new experiences together as a couple, regardless of how big or small. 

A low budget way to have a new experience for a honeymoon staycation is going on a tour in your own city. It’s always fun to play tourist, especially if it is a newer city that you and your partner moved to together. Spending a weekend touring the city or experiencing new hidden gems will be fun and help you unwind. 

If you can swing it, spend a little extra on a night in a cool and luxurious hotel, or treat yourself to an expensive dinner that would typically be out of the cards. A cooking class or wine tasting would also be a great way to learn new skills with your new partner!


For honeymoon destinations on a budget, go for a staycation. A traditional honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort can easily break the bank, but staying at a local hotel for a couple of nights can be an excellent opportunity to unwind and relax after all of the stress and excitement from the wedding. It won’t be as stressful as leaving the state to go on a big trip and will just be a chill time to be with your partner without all the hustle of the wedding plans.

Spa Time

There is no better way to relax from a wedding than a spa. Treat yourself and your partner to a day at the spa or even a luxury hotel with a spa built in. Find a place that usually seems “extra” and treat yourself. You deserve it!

Capturing the fun

If you are saving money on your honeymoon, many couples opt to capture the moment instead by hiring a post-wedding photographer. Take the extra time and have a grand photoshoot in a beautiful location, whether that be in the woods in the fall or on a snowy mountain in the winter. 

If you are not up for hiring a professional photographer, consider purchasing some disposable film pictures and capturing your own moments!

Other ways to save money

If you are still set on heading for a big honeymoon and need to save up some money, think about reducing your reception. While it may seem hard to do, holding a small reception will be perfect if you value a trip with your partner more. 

There are plenty of tutorials on how to set up a honeymoon fund or host a low budget DIY backyard wedding, but simply holding your wedding at a smaller wedding venue with your closest friends and family will already save you money. Start by searching “small wedding venues near me” to get a feel for what locations are around you. 

This will open up the opportunity to travel to some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, and you can spend more time 1:1 with your partner.

Low budget is still fun

Whether you are opting for a “smaller wedding venue near me” route to save a little extra money for more honeymoon spending or going for a chiller honeymoon vibe, these tips hopefully gave you some ideas on making the most of your special day! 

It is so easy to get caught up in all the planning and the money, but don’t forget that your wedding and honeymoon are for celebrating your love! Regardless of what you choose or how you choose to celebrate, you and your partner will have each other and the best time.


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