Urban, modern, and romantic: How to pull off the perfect industrial-chic wedding

industrial chic wedding

Industrial-chic may be the new kid on the wedding block, but it’s one that is quickly gaining popularity.  It’s a versatile theme that allows you to mix and match a variety of elements, which is perfect for the minimalist bride who wants a more modern feel while still incorporating a vintage touch. The perfect urban-chic wedding calls for a city venue and a bride and groom who are seeking something different.  At a time when there’s been a drop in popularity for conventional hotel-ballroom weddings, this theme allows you to take a blank canvas and personalize it fully. You can create a feeling that is somehow casual, yet chic. Some might even call it the new “barn wedding,” for those who are drawn to cities over the country-side.  

Find the right venueindustrial chic

The real key to executing the perfect industrial-chic wedding is finding a venue that will lend itself well towards the industrial-vintage look. Believe us when we say, not every venue (particularly the afore-mentioned hotel ballroom) is right for this theme.  The ideal urban-industrial wedding venue will have features like high ceilings, bare walls, metal accents, and exposed brick, pipes, and beams. Your search will lead you to more urban options – like the Lumber Exchange Event Center. A must-see on your list is the Lumber Exchange’s Fountain Room, featuring the quintessential exposed brick and vintage lighting. Another amazing space in the L/X building is Sawyer’s on Fifth, which offers an original banker’s vault and exceptional views of downtown Minneapolis.  

industrial lights

Pay attention to lighting

Dramatic lighting is already said to be one of the biggest 2020 wedding trends.  That said, getting the lighting right is especially important for warming up the space of an industrial-chic wedding. In order to make guests feel at home and for your pictures feel magical, you’ll need to get extra creative with your lighting options.  Edison bulb string lights look amazing in photographs, and can also be used as filler in glass vase centerpieces. Other options to consider include bistro lights, illuminated letter lighting (in the form of your initials or used as signage), and large arrangements of candles studding the wedding aisle and at positioned at guest tables.

industrial wedding decor

Blending the elements together:  How to merge coziness with modern minimalism

  • Get creative with your ceremony backdrop in order to avoid a harsh look in photos.  Consider incorporating floral backdrops, soft drapery, or arrange Edison bulb string lights to create an illuminated archway that hangs over you as you take your vows.
  • Combine floral elements with metal, especially touches of gold and copper that will further help you warm up an industrial wedding space. Don’t be afraid to be generous with your use of ivy, ferns, and other greenery to give the room a sense of fresh lushness.  Incorporate geometric metal decor in the form of plant holders, name holders, and dining chairs, perhaps spray painted in metallic bronze or gold.

industrial wedding

  •  Pick out a minimalist script for invitations instead of ornate or flowery fonts and formats.  
  • Create coziness by bringing in rugs and pillows to create softer, more colorful spaces.
  •  Consider selecting a wedding dress with metallic elements; imagine designs that incorporate silver, sequence, beading, and shine.  For men’s wear, grey and navy tones make appropriate alternatives to the classic black.  Bridesmaids will look modern and chic in neutral tones, greys, and soft blues with bouquets that feature plenty of green.
  • Stick to a simpler cake with flecks of gold and one or two floral touches instead of an over-the-top fondant creation.

Perfect for the modern bride, an industrial-chic wedding will allow you to combine minimalism with vintage romance in a formula that is personalized for you, making it one of the biggest trends for 2020 weddings.  For more information on wedding venues that are perfectly urban-chic, follow our blog!


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