Lumber Exchange wins Couples’ Choice Award

Couples' Choice Award

Hey, future brides and grooms, happily married couples, and everything in-between… Did you hear the news?


We have just won the Couples’ Choice Award 2018 by our friends at Wedding Wire. (But honestly, it was an honor just to be nominated.) We love being a site for couples, where they can exchange vows, dance the night away… Of course, to entertain their guests, and start the rest of their lives together in symbiotic style. Class and commitment, love at the Lumber Exchange – We’re here for it.


The Couples’ Choice Award recognizes Lumber Exchange’s commitment to quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. They’ve even added the badge to our Storefront on their website. Check it out as you make your own wedding planning account with their amazing onsite tools.


Working together with a couple to create their dream wedding is something we are passionate about. From providing accommodations to our beautiful bridal suite… We have incredible sound and light capabilities that will elevate the event itself. Our in-house chef will create a custom menu for the special day and our bartending services will keep your guests satisfied and celebratory. We love the historic vibe of the Lumber Exchange – it’s perfect for modern city weddings with the dash of the tradition.

Couples’ Choice Award 2018

Caley and her husband had their wedding in the Sawyer Room last March and she said, “This venue was PERFECT for what we were looking for, the food was exceptional, the attention to detail from the staff took the stress off me, and not to mention I have never been told ‘you are so beautiful’ so much in my life than by the ladies that helped make my Pinterest dream wedding a reality.” Annemarie and her husband say, “SO GOOD we come back annually to re-celebrate the wedding!!!” Trust us, the feelings are mutual.


We can’t thank our patrons enough for choosing the Lumber Exchange as Couples’ Choice 2018. It’s our absolute pleasure and privilege to make your dream wedding a reality. We look forward to all the magic that will happen in our building in 2019!


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