Want to Keep your Company connected and striving?Throw an employee appreciation party!

employee appreciation party

When was the last time you and your team celebrated your efforts? If you want to work hard, you need to play even harder. For the sake of team spirit and advancement in performance, don’t forget to celebrate your success! It’s important to take time to applaud employee achievements. It’s easy to get stuck in the day to day and move on to complete the next task, but in order to support team motivation, victories big and small should be celebrated. Show your team you don’t take their hard work for granted with a memorable employee appreciation party at the Lumber Exchange Event Center.

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 The Benefits of throwing an Employee Appreciation Party

Workplace celebrations range from monthly birthday parties to rewards for company accomplishments. The benefits of the celebrations go beyond the delight of the party itself. Your employees gain real rewards from the group events, whether they take place during work or after hours. Understanding the benefits of a company celebration helps you justify spending the time and money on the events.

Celebrations give your employees recognition for their achievements and milestones in both business and their personal lives. Being recognized for those accomplishments shows employees that you pay attention to what they’re doing at work and value their contributions.

 Focus Your Event Around Your Culture

Company events are a fantastic way to emphasize a company’s core values and culture. Employees want to work for companies where they feel appreciated and empowered. Engaged and appreciated employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies, so it’s definitely worth planning an event to keep employees engaged and happy.

At L/X, we make it easy for you to plan the employee appreciation party of the year that will be raved about for months to come. In this article, we will review a few key points that you can do to make sure your party is a smashing success. 

 Keep your Corporate Party Neatly Organized

Staying organized and creating a plan will set you up for a smooth and fun party. The L/X staff will gladly assist you with your planning. We will ensure that each aspect is perfectly aligned with your company culture. Whether it be choosing one of the beautiful and grand spaces we have to offer like the Fountain Room or Sawyer’s on 5th, or deciding on a unique menu, the L/X staff will provide you with exciting ideas to help you through the planning process.

We provide multiple arrangements so you can move and set up the party as you envision it, allowing your guests plenty of room to socialize and get to know their coworkers in a more comfortable setting. We can enhance your employee appreciation party with screens that project highlights from the year, outstanding employees, or valuable contributions. Lumber Exchange also offers a private chef for the night so you can customize your menu for your employees, again highlighting your company culture, whether your organization’s personality is formal or casual.

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 Think It Through

Keeping your event convenient for your employees is crucial as this party should not be seen as another work hassle they need to jump through hoops to attend. Providing information months ahead of time like the time and date, as well as the location will allow your employees to get a head start in planning accordingly for the event.

It also shows your employees that you are considerate of their time and appreciate it enough to provide strong organization early on. Location is an essential factor in the arrangement process. It will be the deciding reason many employees choose not to come. As the Lumber Exchange is located in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, which is convenient for multiple parking lots surrounding the venue, making it easy for your employees to attend and celebrate! 

 Don’t Cut It!

Saving money usually equals cutting company parties. And even worse is that some people don’t think company events are necessary for the overall productivity. However, company events help validate your employees, promote creativity, boost company morale, and create a better, more focused team. The Lumber Exchange will work with your budget to plan out the right choices for your company and give your employees a night to remember. 

 Celebrate at the Lumber Exchange!

A company event isn’t just fluff. It should be a significant part of your employee engagement strategy. Well-thought-out events tie into the company’s culture and can be an influential way to lift motivation. You wouldn’t cut other important areas of your budget for internal outreach so don’t withhold on company events! Company events improve company culture, strengthen teams, promote creativity, and boost morale.

So get out there and throw a great event at the Lumber Exchange Event Center! We will gladly assist you in creating a memorable night for your employees. It will definitely get people out of their desks and talking, and that’s a win!



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