30th birthday party themes – the epic beginning of a new era in your life

30th birthday party

Throw a 30th birthday party that will be the stuff of legends. Go big or go home with your big 3-0!

Saying goodbye to the ‘’wildest’’  era of your life doesn’t need to be traumatic… because the best is yet to come! What if we told you that you are actually on the verge of an even better decade? Your 30th birthday is one of the most important milestones of your life. It’s not like a sweet sixteen – it has better taste (like whiskey and wine). It’s not like the infamous 21st birthday – you know yourself better now! In your thirties, you know what you’re doing, working toward a life you want, and you’re still hot.

Maybe your party habits have changed but you are still a rockstar. (At least that’s what we tell ourselves while taking a multivitamin and rocking our favorite pair of jammies by 10 pm.) Jokes aside, you have made it to one of the most interesting chapters of your life – and it requires a party of epic proportions! So, party animal – we’ve gathered some amazing birthday ideas for you. Check out our awesome birthday themes and remember – Lumber Exchange Event Center can help your birthday wishes come true. With our clever & original 30th birthday themes and ideas, you will be ready to write a brand new chapter in the book of life.


A Great Gatsby Gala for 30th birthday party


If you simply love the 1920’s era – you should opt for this theme. Those divas from the silent movie era look stunningly beautiful and a man in a tuxedo will always gain our notice. This theme is more original than standard masquerade parties. Grab your flapper dress and then combine it with pearls, peacock feathers, high arch eyebrows, and red lipstick. Gentleman, when will there be a better occasion to wear a top hat? Enjoy a smooth pour of gin and learn the Charleston dance. When it comes to the perfect venue – we can offer you Dylan’s. It has a fabulous mix of both luxury and history. We know that you are looking forward to the future but a classy blast from the past is also phenomenal. It will be your personal time machine. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures! Rent a photo booth and stack it with Gatsby-esque props – the sepia filter will make your 1920’s fantasy come to life.


Black and White for one cool night


As you turn 30, you’re probably noticing that not everything in life is black or white. There are beautiful shades of gray everywhere. But that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a black and white themed birthday party! Choose one or choose both – both sides of the spectrum are awesome. Maybe (like some of us) you had that awkward goth phase where Morticia Addams was your role model and you only listened to Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. You can bring back that look for this party. Black never goes out of style, honey. Your vamp birthday can be oozing with hotness and elegance simultaneously. On the other side – when will you dare a head-to-toe white lewk if not now? Bring that angelic realness to Lumber Exchange! Remember to choose the proper lighting and utilize our amazing DJs for great music. Send black and white invitations and order desserts that will match the theme. Like you, black and white fashion is classic. Dash of the ellegance for your 30th birthday party. Age is just a number – and 30 is among the best of them.


Back in the day, they could really par-tay….


For good old time’s sake, host a Throwback party! The ‘80s and ’90s had their own fashion and culture moments that are a blast to relive. If you are more fond of the ‘80s, you better get into big messy hair, show some thighs, and slap glitter on everything that moves. If you simply love the ‘90s, let the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls inspire you. Don’t forget about the music. Feel brave? Make it a karaoke party! This promises a great 30th birthday party! How many ladies can we get to sing “Time after Time” after their third cocktail? If you want something quieter, create a slideshow with pictures of your own favorite times and share some of those stories. You will be amazed at how many details you will remember. Make a ‘’nostalgia box’’ for all your friends that contain some of your precious memories. Those are the moments worth living for. After your 30th birthday Throwback bash, you’ll add some pictures of that night to the box too.


We’ll always have Paris


If you can’t go to Paris – bring that Parisian chic here to Minnesota. Paris is the city of light, the city of romance. If you are a romantic traveler, you will absolutely adore this theme. Make the drink of the evening champagne and never let anyone have an empty flute. An Eiffel Tower cake is a complete must with a side of macarons and eclairs. When it comes to decor – curate a picture series to play on our many screens to get that awesome effect like walking the streets of Paris. Use lighting effects to remind you of the street lights in Paris. Maybe you’ll even find love in the Parisian vibe of the dance floor at the Lumber Exchange


Listen, the most important thing about turning 30 is that you celebrate yourself. Look how far you’ve come! Make your 30th birthday party a night to remember by surrounding yourself with people who care about you and want to be a part of the next chapter. There are more reasons to party and celebrate your life than weddings and babies…YOU are the main event of your life. Lumber Exchange wants to help you start the next decade right. Contact us to start planning your birthday bash!

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